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The Voice of Nigeria contestant Aloma Isaac intelligent beyond words!



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Aloma Isaac Junior, i was born on the 7th of November 1991 in Kaduna State Nigeria (ex contestant the Voice Nigeria). I have four siblings and I happen to be the second to the last child. Four boys and one girl who aside from being the only girl is also the last child. I still reside in kaduna which is my place of birth but i am from the eastern part of Nigeria (Abia State).

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about music. If i am very hungry, give me a microphone to sing or take me to a concert, i would forget i was hungry. Music makes me forget any pain or sad moment. I am also passionate about fitness. I always want to hit a gym anywhere i find myself. I go for road walk almost everyday. I also have a passion for organizing. I naturally want to organize an event and see it 100 percent successful. Presently planning my Music show “AVALANCHE” which would be a tour in major cities in Nigeria and by Gods grace, it would be 100 percent.

What is your profession?

I am a Linguist by Profession. I studied English and Literary studies in Abia State University Uturu. Studying English made me a skilled writer and a researcher. I write and edit news for bloggers, I write songs for people(no restricted genre). Prior to studying English and literary studies, I went for a 2 years diploma course in Law in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. As they would often refer to us then as “lawyers on short pants” but up till date, i still get calls from friends who call to seek legal advise.

How long have you been singing?

I started singing when i was 9 years. I usually followed my mum for choir rehearsals then as a child. It triggered my interest in music. As small as i was then, i could tell who had a really good voice in the choir and my mum would just “lol”. At age 11, i was allowed to join the church teenage choir even though i was not yet a teenager because of my ability to harmonize. Started growing from there till date. I wrote my first song at about age 15. My teenage choir members doubted if i wrote the song myself self but i actually did. I can still sing the song. Lol.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

When i was in primary school, I wanted to be a doctor like most of my peers but growing up, I lost interest in that. In decided to join the arts in secondary school because I was very good in reading, writing and cramming. I was not a good listener back then in secondary school, maybe that was why I did not know maths so much. I just wanted my teacher to dictate the notes and I would read and understand when I get home. This made me bad with calculative subjects like maths and accounting. I just knew I was to be an art student. Coupled with my innate talents of singing, dancing (as at then), acting, a sports man (athletic most especially), the social club president of Airforce Secondary school. I was just a baggage of an artist.

What is your music about and for who is it?

My music attracts all age groups i belive but mybe the young adults more because of my vocal dexterities. But the content of my songs are usually all encompassing. I believe music is a medicine against depression, hopelessness, heartbreak. The content of my songs are usually that of hope which reaches out to all. Every human being come in contact with depression at a point in life. My last single “Dance” talks about dancing ang forgetting about your worry because “e go better”. It speaks hope. My next single which would soon drop also is titled “Believe”. Its a ballad. I made it a ballad so that the lyrics can sink to its listeners. The song talks about believe and faith because “there is a better tomorrow”. My songs are therefore for all age groups.

What is your favorite inspirational message?

My favorite inspirational message is that, you should not let anybody talk you down. You can be who want to be if you believe and strive. Surrounding yourself with like minds helps bring facilitation to your destination.
The Voice contestant in a suit

The Voice contestant in a suit


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In 5 years time, I see myself being a success reference point because i would. I see my voice being louder than just to the hearing in Nigerians alone but to the world at large.

Do you have any other hobbies or crazy habits?

My other hobbies includes walking out, swimming, driving, hanging out with friends, visiting beautiful hangouts and travelling to new places.

If you had to name one celebrity crush, who would that be and why?

 For my Nigerian celebrity crush, i would go for Yemi Alade because she is this lady who knows how to give her fans what they want and also a great performer. I also would never stop loving Mariah Carey because of her amazing vocal tone. I also see Mariah as a singer who does not let the negative things people say about her get to her and that makes me like her even more.

What does the term Melanin mean to you?

Melanin, i think, is a substance which determines how dark a person is. The more Melanin produced in someones body, the darker the person is in complexion. I can remember hearing a friend say this *laughs*. Melanin is often associated with dark or chocolate skinned people. Some chocolate skinned people go as far as associating the word with their names to make up a nickname. I think as a way of portraying pride in their color which is a great thing.

What tips do you have for creatives just starting out?

What I have for starting creatives who wants to sing is that you should have a particular role model who you listen to. It helps serve as an up shoot to your distinction. Personal rehearsals is also a key. I have gotten to realize that if you want to be a successful artist who would stand the taste of time, you have to be exceptionally good. It makes you classical. Persistence, humility and being docile are keys to success. I am working with this principles and where i was 5 years ago is definitely not where I am now and my 5 year to come would be much more bountiful by Gods Grace.


Aloma being interviewed by Local Nigerian presenter!

Aloma being interviewed by Local Nigerian presenter!

Do you think a platform like Melanin Wonder is necesseray?

Melanin wonder platform is definitely necessary. It is platform which gives more audibility to people like me who is still strategic about getting the world to hear my voice. I also see  Melanin wonder as a brand for upcoming acts. Its necessity cannot be over emphasized.

If you had to choose a super power what would it be?

If i was to choose a super power, I would want to sing and it literally heals people. Imagine a scenario where there is a disaster and instead of trying to stop or control the disaster with man power, I would just be called upon to sing and everything would be reversed. *Aloma laughs*. I like that. Those healing stars which would satiate the environment when I sing.

What would be a great theme song for your life?

A song which can describe my life is “Better Days” by Leandrea Johnson


The Voice Nigeria contestant

The Voice Nigeria contestant

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do not believe in love at first sight. Most people confuse lust at first sight to love at first sight. Love is built upon mutual understanding, personality likeness, and some other such features which are not seeing at first sight. It builds over time. Any guy can see any girl for the first time and be like “wow” the “wow” factor is based on her appearance. With a more intimate relationship with that person, one may even stop seeing those original “wow” factors due to sufficient satisfaction of lust. Love stands the taste of lust.

What Melanin Wonder do you look up to in the media?

In the Media world, i look up to the likes of Timi Dakolo, Dara Atalade for standing for what they believe in. They do music not just by following the crowd but they meaningful and classical songs which would definitely stand the taste of time.

Where can we find you?

To follow my music journey, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat zicsaloma

Twitter: @zikialoma and Facebook search with Aloma Isaac Junior.

You can also search for me with zicsaloma on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. God bless you.


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AFIA is a singer-songwriter living in the Netherlands with roots From Ghana. AFIA means Friday, the day ..she was born.

She prides herself carrying this name as her artist name, as she carries her heritage with pride. She is an advocate of promoting your true and pure self, unapologetically. And this includes, using your native name.

Her music has always been her outlet, where she expressed her thoughts about healing and resistance against racism & sexism.

She wrote her song Determined in april 2020, shortly after lockdown started. Little did she know that within the next 3 months, the world would be going through a revolution, with the Black lives Matter movement taking over the world. All while giving us a flashback in time, back to the civil rights movement in the USA in the times of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. But this time it became a worldwide movement!

The message in her song, couldn’t be any more relevant for today as it is now!

Her goal with this song is to empower people to be Determined in succeeding in their wildest dreams and to not wait for a seat at the table but to create their own table!

Put yourself first and create your own destiny and be DETERMINED!

DETERMINED,  a published piece straight from the heart. For everyone who is systemically facing resistance: may it be your anthem, may you dwell in it, may you wrap these words around you like a cloth of protection. I am proud of you, you are amazing, happiness is for you and you deserve all the love that is coming to you! You will get there. Stay determined, loves. ♥️” – AFIA

Follow AFIA on Instagram: @afiaxhealing


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