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Excitement as the Casting for Melanin Wonder [male] comes closer!



Melanated men finding a way to be creative and be the face of Melanin Wonder, a thriving and rapidly growing Brand. Melanin Wonder your go-to Platform!

Who are these fine men?!

These men will be attending the casting set on this Saturday March 3, 2018. The female Face of Melanin Wonder has been chosen: Isabel Emers. She will be rocking the Melanin Wonder shoots, commercials and advertisements. Isabel is the face of the Melanin Wonder brand for a period of at least six months. The same goes for the man that eventually gets picked to be the face of the online magazine.

Why would Melanin Wonder need a face?

The main reason for having a face of Melanin Wonder is to promote others and uplift their strengths, talents but their looks as well. Melanin Wonder would love to have their own recognizable face to represent the brand in an innovative way. In this way Melanin Wonder will not be searching for random models online. Preventing the use of other models when we have beautiful people on our own soil. The plan is to make people recognize the MW brand through a recognizable face.  To portray certain ideas, it is imperative for the brand to have OWN CONTENT and self made and self directed content, images and videos.

What is in it for the Face of Melanin Wonder?

The Two Faces of Melanin Wonder are in for a ride! They will be enjoying the fruits of Melanin Wonder and will be the ultimate face of the online magazine and more! Not only on the Online Magazine but also will they be the face  of MW on all social media platforms. Platforms such as: Facebook  (3.6k Likes), Instagram (30.5k Followers), Snapchat and Twitter.

Photo-shoots will be fully arranged with stylists, MUA’s, photographers and creatives. They will be working closely with the founders of MW. This gives the winning model the chance to explore their talents, showcase themselves and create their own brand. Creating their own brand and working on a personal portfolio full of pictures, video shoots, influencer like projects and more! The rest is still a secret.

Also, will the Finale Face of Melanin Wonder 2018 be the ambassador for the web magazine. Which also means that they will be sharing items and articles to their personal page or platform. Many fun and creative collaborations are in store for the winners after the Face off!

Are you excited?! We know we are!




Melanin Wonder TV



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Winanda Pinas – From rebel to aspiring Tycoon – Face of Melanin Wonder 2020



Winanda is a 22-year-old beauty, hailing from French Guyana. This year she became the face of our brand, and may proudly call herself the face of Melanin Wonder 2020. Together with the other 3 faces, she represents the ‘next generation’ of our platform.

Growing up in The Netherlands, in Mijdrecht, she had an adventurous childhood. She is the youngest of 5 ( 2 brothers and 2 sisters). Winanda had an adventurous childhood, hunting for the thrills of could say she was a little rebel. Her mom focused on bringing her kids on the right track. So Winanda had 2 choices, be a kid on the streets, or make something out of her life.

She decided to shape up and give herself the best shot she can in life, so she decided to work for the newspapers and run a newspaper district. This way she could safe for her future goals.

She was a girl of many talents, she knew how to braid her from a young age, so she also earned money by braiding hair. At a young pre-teenage she was already making 40 bucks, including travel allowance. Little did she know, she was planting a seed, for her business plan, 10 years later


Level up by Ciara, is the Themesong of her life, according to Winanda.

Fast forward 10 years later to 2020, and we can say that she is a serial entrepreneur. Level up, Level up, level up, YES GIRL!

What she is up to? 2 things! Educating people on financial freedom  & launching her haircare business. She will be educating the public about financial freedom. Teaching you everything about the future about money i.e. DAGCOING / Cryptocurrency & Network marketing. With the knowledge, she has acquired by joining the SUCCES FACTORY, 2 years ago.

In addition to that, we will be keeping a close eye on her, with her Youtube channel about natural hair care. Subscribe to her Youtube channel -> HERE


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Melanin Wonder

Get to know the Finalists of ‘The Face of Melanin Wonder 2020’



Who are the finalists of ‘The Face of Melanin Wonder 2020’? Read more about them and get to know them better. Tomorrow the voting begins, do you have an early favorite?

#FaceOfMelaninWonder2020 #NextGeneration #Competition

Photos by: Pure Image – Kim Dijkstra

Chantal Bakker – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Christel Rodriguez – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Nyawal Ter Jour – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Destin Makiesse – Photo by Kim Dijksta
Tyra Cesar – Photo by Kim Dijksta
Gavin Dalusung – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Shanice Djemisi – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Christianity Fonseca – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Winanda Pinas – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Bryan Okello – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Jeffery Loewenicht – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Joann Meerzorg – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
Tesely Hooi – Photo by Kim Dijkstra
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