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The Crown – WHAT Afro Hair is REALLY about!



On the sixth of May 2019 something horrifying happened. The Dutch lifestyle an fashion TV show allowed one of the cast members to make racist comments about Afro and kinky curly hair.

Robin - the creator of the short film

This exploded in a negative in all the news platforms and many if not all black and brown men and women were grossly offended. Robin Ramos(20) and Kymani Ceder(19) wrote a poem as a response. They used the poem as a positive representation by, from and for the Afro Dutch community. The goal is to use the movie “The Crown” (De kroon) created by Robin and Kymani to create awareness and free the Black community from the chains of stereotyping of Afro hair.

Robin and Kymani chose to form the video as a school assignment with as theme family. What does family mean to us? Using ‘Blackhairsyles’ as a point gave them the inspiration to show different historical and tribal connotations involving Afro hair. In many cultures it is still a way to be in contact with the ancestors. Besides braiding, is doing hair an activity done through out time and has it has been a signature activity in black families.

The short film portrays a paradox time-machine with precolonial impressions. It takes you on a journey back to the age of where the traditional braids were used to connect the past with the present.

The movie is an re-enactment of history acted out by present day Dutch Africans . How do Dutch Africans experience their African identity after the physical alienation that has took place after slavery? How do they feel about their hair now? How do we feel during and after watching the short film.

Around 80 people were involved by the making of the short film: De Kroon. Some well known artists and actors from the Dutch entertainment such as Sylvana Simons, Veronica van Hoogdalem, Digitzz, Clarice Gargard and Guillermo Babel.

“De Kroon” is a poetic storyline about the relationship Afro Dutch citizens have with their natural hair and hairstyles. The Natural Hair movement is becoming more and more visible in the world. And we are loving it.

Robin Ramos 
Instagram: @robinramos_ 

Kymani Ceder 
Instagram: @xkymanix 


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