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Melanin Wonderful story

Terence Munzemba the Face of Melanin Wonder 2019



“I want to show the world that it is OK to be different and to not be scared of what another people think about you. Express yourself and just be you! Because God does not make mistakes! We are all special in our own way.”

What is your heritage ?

I was born in Holland, in the city called Nijmegen which is in Gelderland, The Netherlands. My parents are originally from Congo, Republique Democratic du Congo

Tell us a bit more about your tribe and your culture.

I am from the Republique Democratic du Congo. My parents were born and raised in the capital, Kinshasa. The culture of the country reflects the diversity of its hundreds of ethnic groups and their different way of life throughout the country. Another striking part of Congolese culture is the “sui generis music”.

On my 18th birthday I decided to stop covering my Vitiligo because that is who I am.

The Congolese have mixed their ethnic music with Cuban rumba, merengue and soukous. Influential figures of soukous, N’dombolo and Rumba rock are: Koffi Olomide, Tabu Ley, Lutumba Simaro, Papa Wemba en King Kester Emeneya. Congo-Kinshasa is also known for its art. Traditional art includes masks and wooden statues.

Terence Munzemba for NinetyFour

Where did your passion for modeling or clothes come from?

My passion for modeling comes from my Idol Winnie Harlow. I have been covering my vitiligo for almost 18 years. My parents did that because they wanted to protect me from the (harsh) outside world. But they did not know that because of that I got the urge grew to stop the camouflage cream.

On my 18th birthday I decided to stop covering my Vitiligo because that is who I am. The energy and courage that I had was from seeing Winnie Harlow slaying on the catwalk is what I needed.

She inspired me so much that when someone stopped me at the central station of Tilburg and asked to pose for his clothing brand, I didn’t think twice and said YES immediately! That is the moment I started taking my Instagram page more serious and focuses on becoming the young model that I am right now.

What other passions do u have in life and where do you strive to be?

I strive to become a big entrepreneur because I see opportunities, seize opportunities and love create value for myself and others. I also want to be involved in a lot more things because I don´t want that people only remember me as a model.

What tips do you have for anyone that is insecure and doesn’t know how to become a public figure.

Express yourself, do not fear other people´s opinion! God does not make mistakes Every person is unique. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. Because self-love and self-care are very important!

It’s very exciting to meet new people, to work with new people and to learn from them.

Who would you like to reach at the moment and what do you want to use your title for?

I want to reach the fashion world, I want to use the title to create a name for myself in the fashion world. It would be very sick if I can pose or walk for a brand like Dsquared or Versace.

It’s very exciting to meet new people, to work with new people and to learn from them. It makes me even more enthusiastic than I already was. I hear and read loads of stories from young models that have grown so much and became huge models in a short period of time.

What are some of your favorite things to do?

I like to go to the gym because working out is good and it makes me feel strong and healthy. I also love to relax and listening to music because I´m a true music freak.

What is your favorite song at the moment.

 My favorite song is SOHO by Jaden Smith.

What type of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of HipHop and R&B but also UK rap and Afro music because I am very diverse myself.

What black owned brand do you love at the moment?

I love the brand OFF-WHITE (stylized as OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH) because it´s a fashion label founded by American creative designer Virgil Abloh in Milan, Italy in 2012.

Rooted in current culture at a taste-level particular to now. With a specific opinion and not necessarily same with vision seasonal men’s and women’s collections are offered.

The brands clothing uses stylized items like its use of quotation marks, zip ties, yellow industrial buckle belt design, its four-way arrows that create a cross and has collaborations with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, and IKEA.

The result is: to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.

Melanin wonder brand, what do you think about what melanin wonder stands for?

I think it stands for opportunities, showing black beauty, connecting with the people and highlighting Positive items and positive news. Melanin wonder will show you the power of people with coloured skin can do.


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Melanin Wonderful story

Hannah Akua The Face of Melanin Wonder 2019



Hannah Ofosu-Oware

The Face of MelaninWonder

A bit about me…who am I?
I am Hannah Ofosu-Oware. I was born in Accra, Ghana, West Africa in the late nighties.

Accra, Ghana source:

I came to the Netherlands at the age of 15 and have been blessed to enjoy the exciting journey of assimilating into the Dutch culture.

It has been a stark difference from what I left behind in Africa. The unlimited sunshine, heat and abundance of fresh tropical foods. The uniqueness of this deep culture and environment is what I feel adds depth to my character and look.

The Vibrant marketplace in Ghana

I am fun, warm, attentive and love to be around people. I also adore cooking and aspire to one day own a fusion African restaurant in Holland and in Ghana. I cook for friends, family and anyone that loves to eat!

” By nature, I am typically a very shy individual and have always had to motivate myself to break out of my shell. “

Why I took part in the MW contest?

Hannah rocking some Kente fabrics

By nature, I am typically a very shy individual and have always had to motivate myself to break out of my shell. However, I decided to let go of my inhibitions and take the leap of competing in this year’s campaign to be the female face of the Melanin Wonder brand. I have in the past taken up a few modelling projects and found it to be an art form that brings out creativity. I love it. 😊

Photography by: Godfried van Utrecht

For those who may not be aware, Melanin wonder is a Netherlands based online magazine created with the intent to educate, entertain, inspire and also highlight social issues affecting the African youth in the diaspora. 


I would like to support and be part of a brand that uplifts individuals to spotlight when they do not have a voice or a face. As the popular saying goes, ‘Black is beautiful’, but many fail to acknowledge that.  

Photography: Vonne in-house Melanin Wonder photographer

I desire to be an inspiration to the Black OR Brown girl, woman (FEMALE) with her unique African lineage and truly believe that BLACK is indeed BEAUTIFUL.


Khoudia Diop inspired me a lot she said “Being black it’s not a crime, Be happy with what you have and who you are”.


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Melanin Wonderful story

Kay Obum Survivor of Deadly Explosion Blessed to see another day!




burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke

burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke


My name Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke I know a Mouth Full. This stems from my heritage Nigeria, more specifically from the Igbo tribe. I am from Abatete in Idemmili North local government of Anambra state. I am the first son and issue of parents, sir & Dr ifeoma obumneke-Okeke P.hD.

I have and elder sister married with kids and 3 younger siblings a Lawyer(Chisolum) micro-biologist/pharmacy student (Mmesoma) and our last child a Medical student (Idimma). I am a Psychologist by profession. But a writer, blogger, photo model, counselor, live motivational speaker, computer worker (software only) and human rights activist.


burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke

burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke

What is the story behind your scars?

It was as a result of adulterated kerosene lamp explosion, landed me in the hospital at the age of 9.

A litre of fuel sells for N145.00 while kerosene sells for N250.00.  So it is easy for people to mix kerosene with fuel to make more money. The most recent explosin happened in June this year in Cross River State. It was an indescribable disaster and at least five people died and several others are fighting for their lives. 

I am lucky to see antoher day and chase all my goals and dreams.

A litre of fuel sells for 145.00 while kerosene sells for N250.00, so it is easy for people to mix kerosene with fuel to make more money Read more at:

Kerosene and Fuel mixed Lamps, commonly used in Nigeria


“My outlook on life changed after surviving this explosion.”


How do people in the environment treat you , strangers and people close to you?

People in the hospital understood that I was once dead and was brought back to life by Gods grace because I was in  a coma for 4 to 5 weeks. The fire burn degree was the 3rd . But I made it home after months in the hospital (those were so helpful and cheered me up then).

Home was my family they did all they could to get me all patched up making sure that I feel alive.

STRANGERS this the group I still deal with up till now. I was a young lad filled with energy and vigor wanting to be accepted into a world that loves complete looking people. Rather than those that has a story of life’s greatest survival.


burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke

burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke also known as Kay Obum

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from what happened to you?


What do you have to say to all people around the world who have experienced the same?

Hey there, do you remember those moments your only wish was to see if you can sit up in bed? Those moments you wanted to leave the bed and just put your feet on the ground? Those moments the doctors said your wounds are responding to top treatments? That day the doctor said you can now be signed off to be an OPD (Outpatient department) patient? When it finally healed but the itching sets in?

Lastly it healed but your scared of how you look when you look at the mirror and other how other people perceive you? Really? Hey you will make it again all I listed was all the worst times we had above and we made it we will make it too.

Love yourself.

“A brand that makes any burn survival man, woman, child to show all the hidden talent that they have”

burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke

burn survivor Kosisochukwu Obumneke-Okeke posing

What do you have to say to people who did not experience the same as you did?

An accident is nothing that we came into the world with, it is not (innate) it is just as a result of life’s activities that it happened.

Burnt survivor Kay Obum

Burnt survivor Kay Obum

What are your dreams for the future?

I am working on having a brand that makes any burn survival man, woman, child to show all the hidden talent that they have within them and as a psychologist I will also employ some of my other friends to help me in clinical assessment of those burn victims. Giving them a chance to develop a nice personality that they could be proud of. Knowing that they have survived a very strong life challenging experience and still live to see another day.

Getting married to that one lucky woman that adores all of me.

Having great children that points at me in front of other children and says that is my daddy.

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