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Tamala – The enchanting Melanin Wonder & Original Storyteller from your new series





Who is Tamala? Do you guys remember Randall Holloway?  We found his friend Tamala Baldwin and had the chance to get to know more about her. You’re in for some black excellence! … are You Ready ..? She holds an MBA in Media and trained at the Julliard School of music for the flute. Her mission is to help transform the way people think about themselves and change the world through storytelling, sharing her piece of Melanin!

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala and Randall met a few years ago when he was casting for a role in the series, Curvy Girls Rock. He offered Tamala the role and they have collaborated ever since.

“He is so brilliant and when it came time to create Bubbly Brown Sugar, I cast him as Marcus, and he came on board during post production as a producer. We work so well together, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next.” – Tamala Baldwin


Tamala Baldwin
Tamala Baldwin gives us her best smile!

What you need to know about Tamala Baldwin

How would you introduce yourself?

Tamala: This is such a wonderful question and the first word that popped into my mine was that I am sunshine. My purpose in the world is to create work that adds light, healing, and love to the world through storytelling. Writing is my first love, but I never thought it would make room for me in the world until God gifted me with Bubbly Brown Sugar.

Prior to creating this series, I was not thinking about writing at all. My efforts were focused entirely on making it as an actress, but then my mom passed, and everything shifted.

My world was not as bright, and I prayed for a year that God bless me with new life.

In October of 2017, my prayer was answered, and I have been writing ever since. It has opened so many doors that were previously closed to me and I live in a constant state of awe. I have always been an artist and
it was something my mom nurtured in me as a little girl, but when it came time to college, I chose a more traditional route. I have an MBA in Media Management and am a college professor. Yet, God is in control and has led me down a path that feels like I finally am doing what I was born to do.

This Is Why Bubbly Brown Sugar is MADE for you by Tamala!

Bubbly Brown Sugar was given to me while stuck in traffic on my way to work. The song, ‘Love Galore’ by SZA came on and out of nowhere, this entire story just downloaded into my spirit. I remember simply creating my own scenario to the melody and in an instant, I had a story from beginning to end.


My prayer was answered a year later while driving to one of my side hustles in the form of this story that led me down a path I would not have otherwise thought about.


“Our web series Bubbly Brown Sugar was picked up by the new streaming platform UrbanFlixTV and will be exclusively available there starting Friday September 18, 2020! As a first-time filmmaker, getting a licensing deal is a HUGE Accomplishment, and we would love for everyone that reads to
support by watching season one there.”

UrbanFlixTV a black owned Netflix essentially! (See Melanin Wonder!)

The show is about two soulmates that are meeting in their dreams and what they each go through in life until fate brings them together. I believe that we are here to experience wonderful things, yet we still must go through a process. This series explores the choices we make and how that shapes our experience in the here and now. It is also about the power of true love and soulmates.

This is a story about the power of the law of attraction and how we can manifest anything we want. It celebrates black love, but also paints of real picture as to some of the things that we need to clean up before we can receive what God has in store for us.

“My world was not as bright, and I prayed for a year that God bless me with new life.” – T. Baldwin


Award Winning Tamala Baldwin

We heard that u even won a few awards, is this true?

YES! We had an amazing time when we played the film festival circuit for the first time. We won several awards and it felt like a dream come true. For the first time, it felt like I was finally being seen and recognized as an artist. In a way I have always imagined. It was encouraging and confidence building to be honest. Here are some of the awards we have won:

• Best Series at the International Newark Film Festival
• Best Series at the National Black Film Festival
• Best Series at the SITA Awards
• Best Series at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
• Best Actor at the Austin Revolution Festival
• Best Actress at the SITA Awards
• Best Series Finalist Black Web Fest
• Best Series Finalist at the First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia
• Best Script Finalist Imagine This Women’s International Film Fest

Tyler Perry an inspiration for Tamala?

For a long time, I always felt like there should be someone that inspired me, but there was not. God has always been my friend and writing was
something I enjoyed doing as a little girl. This part of me has always been and was not sparked by looking outside of myself.


As I became an adult, there are other artists whose work ethic inspired me to work harder like Issa Rae, or to never give up like Viola Davis, and that it’s okay to share your voice your way like Tyler Perry.

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala Baldwin on set

Is it true that your script made people cry?

Yes, I feel that people cried when they read my script One Wish because it is a fairy tale. We see those types of movies often, but we are generally not at the forefront. I put black people at the forefront of stories where we get to experience our happily ever after, which can be so overwhelmingly beautiful that the only response left is to cry.

Tamala Baldwin and team
Tamala and team
Tamala Baldwin
Tamala Baldwin on set getting a touch up

Do you want to know more about Tamala Baldwin, check out her socials!

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We are RUFU – Royal Urban Fashion United, a joint marketplace and selling point for you! We are Official partner of African Fashion Week #AFWA2022 and a branch of the online platform & magazine Melanin Wonder. In partnership with African Fashion week, we offer our services to global causes for supporting diversity and inclusion. Our strength is in unity and our love for people and in embracing who we are. Our mission is to increase global awareness and sustainably intensify African fashion, lifestyle, culture, arts and music. 


With RUFU we embrace our roots as descendants of Kings and Queens and yet abandon stereotypes. We break free from cultural barriers and serve all humankind by giving voice to the colors of opportunity and divine creativity. We are empowering the next generation with the best of contemporary fashion, giving credit to our ancestors. We are opening up the door for opportunity, the latest technology and a new way of doing conscious fair trade. We connect the right audience with the right designers and unite them on ONE platform.


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She also plugged her upcoming movie “The Deliverance,” saying, “And in case you didn’t hear, I’m also reuniting with my friend, my brother, director Lee Daniels on the Netflix film ‘The Deliverance.’ You won’t want to miss either of them, so y’all stay tuned! And thank y’all my sweet babies. I love us for real.”


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The brothers Jandino and Kenneth Asporaat, founders and owners of production house Het Huis van Asporaat, and producer Maarten Swart of Kaap Holland start the production label Huntu Productions. Huntu Productions is part of Kaap Holland and Het Huis van Asporaat and develops and produces inclusive comedy and drama (web)series with creators of all backgrounds for a Dutch audience. Huntu Productions recently produced the new feature film BON BINI HOLLAND 3, in collaboration with Kaap Holland Film, Het Huis van Asporaat and WW Entertainment. Huntu Productions develops and produces projects for multiple broadcasters and platforms.

Kenneth Asporaat & Jandino Asporaat Founders and Owners of Huis van Asporaat


Het Huis van Asporaat and Kaap Holland have worked together previously on Bon Bini Holland, Bon Bini Holland 2 and Bon Bini: Judeska in da House, films that were big commercial hits in the Netherlands and abroad. Bon Bini Holland, Bon Bini Holland 2 and Bon Bini: Judeska in da House were all three awarded the Golden Calf Audience Award by the Dutch public. Huntu Productions was involved in Bon Bini: Judeska in da House as co-producer.

“Huntu Productions makes comedy and drama (web)series for a Dutch audience. Together with the knowledge and talent of Jandino and Kenneth Asporaat we develop and produce bold projects with creators of all backgrounds, and behind the scenes we also work with people who reflect society, expressly giving opportunities to a new generation of crew members”, says producer Maarten Swart. “With Huntu Productions we want to make the seemingly impossible possible”, Jandino and Kenneth Asporaat add, expanding on Maarten Swart’s words. “We think it’s important to work from our gut-feeling and to not only recognize opportunities but to use them as well. With this collaboration we are building a bridge from the current world to a new one, where there are opportunities for everyone.”


About Het Huis van Asporaat

Het Huis van Asporaat is a leading producer of appealing online formats, films (Bon Bini Holland, Bon Bini Holland 2, Bon Bini: Judeska in da House, Bon Bini Holland 3), TV shows (De Dino Show, Wat een Suikerfeest!), theater concepts (Caribbean Combo in Ahoy, Comedy & Concert in De Kuip, Ramadan Conference) and artist management (i.a. Jandino Asporaat, Shirma Rouse, Edson da Graça). Their programs find their way to theaters at home and abroad, as well as to commercial TV stations.

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About Kaap Holland

Kaap Holland is an independent Dutch production studio that produces films, series, webseries and podcasts. Kaap Holland consists of the production companies and labels Kaap Holland Film, Kaap Holland Series, Wonderboys, Dead Duck Productions and Wet Blanket, and works together with the renowned production companies Big Blue and Circe Films. Kaap Holland aims to bring ambitious and impactful films, series and podcasts to wide audiences. Films and series that Kaap Holland has (co-)produced or has in (pre)production are Bon Bini Holland 3, Sea of Time, Dunkirk, Random Shit, Bon Bini: Judeska in da House, Ron Goossens: Low-Budget Stuntman, Koeriers, Krazy House, The Goldfinch and A Beautiful Imperfection.


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Kanye West Sells Documentary to Netflix for $30M – 21 Years in the Making



Footage of Kanye West

A multi-part documentary series featuring never-before-seen home videos and other rare footage of Kanye West is coming to Netflix in 2021 via two music-video and filmmakers who have been chronicling the artist-turned-billionaire entrepreneur’s life and work for more than 20 years.

“The mini series about Kanye sold to Netflix has no name yet.”

Sources familiar with the project say the streaming service has acquired the yet-to-be titled project from TIME Studios and Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah — more commonly known as Coodie & Chike — who directed two of  Kanye West’s first videos, “Through the Wire” and the third version of “Jesus Walks.”

Coodie and Chike directors and filmmakers

(In a 2014 interview with Billboard, Simmons said that West asked them to take another crack at interpreting the song because, he said, the first two versions, helmed by other directors, “don’t have the soul and feeling that I want.”

Netflix Documentary

This is what you can expect from the new documentary: One source says “Coodie” has been filming Kanye since the 1990’s in Chicago and their relationship will serve as the backbone of the series.

Kanye West in the 1990's producing beats in the studio

Which will tell the rapper and the producer’s success and fame’s impact on Ye and Hip Hop’s impact on popular culture. As well as the world’s evolving relationship with celebrities. 

A second source says, it will also deal with the death of Kanye’s mother Donda West and the impact it had on him. His personal revolution in recent years, his successful move into fashion design and his unsuccessful run for president in 2020.

Rapper Kanye West holds his first rally in support of his presidential bid in North Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. July 19, 2020.  REUTERS/Randall Hill

It is unclear however whether the series will chronicle his on going divorce from Kim Kardashian.While Kanye is not creatively involved in the production, the second source says he’s essentially giving his support by allowing himself to be filmed by Clarence and Chike for 21 years! So their creative control company will produce along side TIME Studios

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Kanye West
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