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Stephanie O. at the Koning Events in Amsterdam rocking her Dasonia dress Stephanie O. at the Koning Events in Amsterdam rocking her Dasonia dress


Stephanie Omogun co-founder Melanin Wonder in Miss World NL!

Stephanie at the Koning Events - Makeup by @stylebylivia



Miss World what does it mean?

A sit down with Stephanie Omogun who tells us all! ⇓


The Miss World Organisation was founded on the 29th of July in 1951 by the late Eric Morley.

Julia Morley is the current president of the Miss World organisation and Brand. It was the first pageant ever and right after followed  by Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. It is a first tier beauty pageant.

The main slogan of the pageant is:

Beauty with a Purpose!

Which simply means that you should not only be beautiful but you should also be involved in society, stand strong for a cause and have a beautiful mind as well.

What should you be involved with as a pageant contender?

This is usually a good cause or any other humanitarian act or cause.


Stephanie Omogun Finalist of the Miss World Netherlands pageant posing at the Royal Delft Factory

Stephanie Omogun Finalist of the Miss World Netherlands pageant posing at the Royal Delft Factory


Miss World Netherlands supports The Phillippines!

Miss World Nederland supports the the AETA tribe in the Philippines. These AETA tribe people keep getting pushed into a corner. This is because they live in the Jungle. The major corporations keep cutting jungle  trees to build sky scrapers and companies.

Which leaves little to no room to the AETA tribe who still wish to live in the bush.

Besides the harsh discrimination (mostly color-ism) that they face they now also have to deal with corporations.

The corporation keep disturbing their natural habitat too! Which is inhumane and unfair.

Miss World Netherlands will stand strong for them and strive to change their situation.


The indigenous people in the Phillippines. The original tribe and one of the first tribes to inhabit the land.

The indigenous people in the Phillippines. The original tribe and one of the first tribes to inhabit the land.

All Miss World winners around the world will compete in China which will host about 120 misses from around the globe in the as they call it ‘little piece of Hawai in China’  the city: SANYA.


Stephanie O. on the HUGH Women Empowerment Event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Stephanie in her all-white outfit after catwalk lessons

Stephanie is currently competing in the competition with 16 other contenders.

“The finale will be at Koning Events at Isolatorweg 29 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It will be hosted in a Royal and beautiful hall. 

Important guests and prominent people from the pageant world will be joining us at the GRAND FINALE ON JUNE 10TH! So you should all get tickets and be there!” Stephanie says.


Last week I payed the ticket of a refugee that was stranded.


Miss World Finalist at a Castle

Stephanie at De Wittenburg Castle – Dress from

The license holder of this awesome competition is: Katia Maes. She is originally from Belgium but she currently resides in Holland.

She sent a lot of girls to international pageants during her career. To big international pageants such as Miss Tourism International, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supernational and now also to Miss World.

Left: Rachelle Reijnders - Miss World Nederland 2016 | right: Katia Maes

Left: Rachelle Reijnders – Miss World Nederland 2016 | right: Katia Maes PhotoCredit: Hans Lachman

Katia Maes is currently the president of ‘Miss Word Nederland’ the most prominent pageant in the Netherlands which is quite an accomplishment. This year is her third year organizing this pageant.

Stephanie O. by Sacha van Manen

Stephanie by Sacha van Manen

Stephanie: “How I am and contribute to the competition is to stay close to myself. Many contenders do charity for others or visit an elderly home etc.

But if you finish the competition or if you end up not winning the title would you still visit the elderly home on a weekly basis?”

Like I said I decided to stay close to myself and would love to uplift upcoming talents.

I write about them on Melanin Wonder of course which I am the owner of together with the co-founder of Janet Dara.

Janet and Stephanie founders of Melanin Wonder

Janet and Stephanie founders of Melanin Wonder

What have you personally done in this competition so far?

Last week I payed the ticket of a refugee that was stranded. He could not go anywhere and only had a chip card but no money for transport.

I really felt compelled to help him. He told me that they had deported him out of the country.

It was like I saw him at just the right moment and I was also in a very good mood. As if it was meant to be actually amazing. You couldn’t make this up.


Dutch Trains, NS an abbreviation of Nederlandse Spoorwegen meaning Dutch ARailway

Dutch Trains, NS an abbreviation of Nederlandse Spoorwegen meaning Dutch Railway

I put 20 euros on his OV chipcard out of free will. It was way out of my comfortzone but I just felt like doing it at the moment.

Also do I make video blogs (VLOGS) about the Miss World Journey to show who we are. It is not only about the Grand Finale but also about the journey every week.

sponsored by JIMMORE


We are all different, we all have our different personalities. We all have our seperate lives while we compete for the Crown!

So people can follow what we actually do besides taking Pictures, LOL.

Miss World Netherlands gives back to the country

If you put it in the bigger picture. This pageant also contributes to the social conversations we have in this country.

You clearly see that women from different backgrounds get a long with each other. Multicultural and getting along does actually exist.


Stephanie at a Ti-CHi workshop by Tai Chi Sifu Patrick Wolters.

Stephanie at a Ti-CHi workshop by Tai Chi Sifu Patrick Wolters.

Why compete?

You get a platform and you get the chance to tell your story and tell people why you decided to wear the sash. It gives you a voice, a platform and most of all. People will actually listen to what you have to say. It sounds a bit weird but it actually does give you a BIGGER voice.


Miss World Finalist 2018 Stephanie

Miss World Finalist 2018 Stephanie – Dress by

I will have a much bigger impact on the world and in the Netherlands. Also will the media and many others give you a platform to do much more for your fellow people. I love helping people to get where they want to be. Literally and Figuratively! Just like America, The Netherlands has become one big melting pot of culture, religions and heritages. look at Amsterdam and many other big cities.




All these different people calling themselves a Dutchman and go to school. They all contribute to the welfare of the Netherlands as a WHOLE. I am one of them actually. The world must see that I too am a reflection of how a Dutch person could look like in 2018.



Stephanie at De Wittenburg Castle | Dress by

My favorite song at the moment is: All For you by Janet Jackson


Eric Jones builds his empire, from Fayetteville, AR to LA – The American dream



We reunited with Eric Jones, CEO and lead designer at LFLS shoes. He started his business in 2016, after graduating and mourning his late mom and dad. He pulled through and continued building his empire, making his late parents proud, building his life with the goals he in-visioned.

His mother in particular was a big part of designing LSLS shoes. She helped him create the first designs of LFLS’s 1st collection while he was finishing up college. Unfortunately, she was not there to experience the launch of his collection or witness his graduation. She passed away a few weeks before he graduated. Eric’s first collection was very important to him, as he was holding a piece of his mom in his creations.



We asked Eric how life changed since the first year into entrepreneurship.

”My life has changed tremendously, it is literally like comparing night and day!” 

” My slow success has allowed me to build so much character and it has molded me into an individual that has the influence, courage, resilience and story to inspire a nation. I’ve had the chance to experience so many things that I couldn’t have imagined. I worked with people that I never thought I would be able to work with MJ Harris ,Tasha Page Lockhart, Anthony Anderson and Desi Bank just to name a few.

From left to right MJ Harris, Tasha Page Lockhart, Anthony Anderson, and Desi Bank

I achieved goals that exceed my wildest expectations. I also, recently took a huge leap of faith and relocated to Los Angeles, California a little over a week ago. Coming from Helena, AR, these are things that I could have never imagined doing in my life! ”

Eric’s life changed tremendously in just 24 months!

Exposure – he has been recognized my national and international media and has been featured on Global Grind, Because of them We Can, Melanin Wonder, Voyage LA/Dallas, and a host of other platforms! New friends, gaining MJ Harris as a friend and mentor.

Building his CV, booking multiple speaking engagements and also speaking on panels across the country to share my story. Recognition, being recognized by my Alma Mater and moving to Los Angeles, just 2 weeks ago!

Are your shoes as dapper as you are?

It’s a guarantee because you can’t find shoes like these anywhere else. I have added my own unique touches to each shoe and they have become a high demand for special occasions like weddings, galas, proms, graduations and red carpet events. The shoes are the representation of a lifestyle that many individuals want to live. A lifestyle of modern luxury with a sprinkle of good old classic vibes.

How do you test the product quality?

I test the quality of my products by having a sample developed of a specific shoe that I have designed and want to send into production. Based on how the sample comes out will determine what changes are needed or if I will work with that particular factory or not. 

What was the main reason you chose to start making women’s shoes as well?

I decided to start making women’s shoes because so many women would ask me about shoes for them or if I made kids shoes that they could fit. I tested the market to see if women would actually purchase the pair of flats that I ended up designing. It turned out that they liked them a lot and at times purchased more than my customer base of men would.


So to circle back around on the question, the main reason I chose to start making them is to please the ladies hahaha. But then it also became bigger than that because I made sure the women’s flats matched the men’s loafers, which lead to our his and hers collection. My late mother Gloria also loved shoes a lot, I plan to design a women’s shoe dedicated to her in the near future.


What’s the next up-and-coming trend Eric?

”I’m not much of a trendy person, I tend to create them versus keep up with them!” 

If you weren’t making shoes, what would be your craft today?

Branding and social media strategy for sure, along with still inspiring people through my journey! I love everything about branding and how a business conveys its story to their potential customers, whether that be through visuals or strategy. This is one reason why I started offer branding/business development consultations. I also love styling too, so I’m sure I would also still be dabbling in that industry even if I wasn’t a shoe designer!

You recently moved to LA, how will this impact the LFLS brand?

” This move will take the brand to the next level!” 

Being in this environment around celebrities, stylist, red carpet events, influencers and a host of other entrepreneurs/creatives is all I could ask for plus more! You never know who you will meet here in LA, so many doors will be opened for myself and the brand that could have never been opened back in Arkansas. I’m thrilled to be here and just honored to be able to have the faith, courage and resilience to take such a huge leap of faith and sacrifice for my future.


Get you a pair of LFLS shoes to look just as dapper as Eric
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Valentine Rontez shares knowledge




Who is Valentine Rontez?

My full name is Valentine Rontez. I identified myself as African-America for most of my life, until I did some soul searching. My Ancestors are from Benin-Togo Africa. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, United States.

How did you become a model?

After getting fired from my Doorman job at the Gucci Store on 5th avenue New York I went through a depression and felt lost. My sister took some of my Facebook photos and posted them on, I then received a message from Jahn Hall (photographer) who was interested in shooting me. We took “Beauty shots” in his stairwell & his warehouse studio. After working with Jahn I rushed to New Jersey to shoot with my good friend Christopher Horne.

While there Jahn contacted me and told me Sean Bennett from Specimen Model Management wanted to represent me. I sent Sean my polaroids and from there he scheduled meetings all around NYC to meet with different agencies. I was declined, but Sean had saved the best for last.

I met the casting director Michelle Lee who was casting for Calvin Klein, there she trained me and taught me how to walk the runway. I found a side gig doing catering incase the door for modeling did not open. Later that day at work, Sean called me with surprising news that I was confirmed for a Calvin Klein exclusive contract in Milan Italy for fashion week. IMG was then interested in signing me.

If you had to describe your road to success in 5 steps, which 5 steps would that be?

Firstly, I found God & built my faith & courage with his promises as my meditation.

I needed to love & accept myself, to embrace the fact that I am a perfect imperfection.

Develop perseverance & a hard work ethic.

Practicing good sleep and eating healthy was a major culprit for my mindfulness.

Remain humble in balance with knowing your self worth.

How did you get the idea to make a video about showing people how to model?

I get countless of direct messages from people all over the world young boys & girls 15 – 40 asking for advice. Most have the dream but do not know where to get started. I replied to as many as I could on a daily. Then I decided to make a video because visuals work better then words.

How is life living as a model?

Modeling allowed me to focus on what my soul desires and visit places in the world I would have never imagined I would be. I have had the opportunity to meet so many inspirations that expand my mind to new dimensions. Although I am not much of a night life person parties overseas are extremely fun.

What are some of the downsides of being a model that people never talk about?

The uncertainty of anything. Anything could happen and if your looks a re not desired in the business that means business stops for you as well.

The basics of becoming a model
The basics of becoming a model PART 2.0

Would you ever design your own clothes?

 Yes! I am currently manifesting that. It would be great to have an own fashion collection.

We are obsessed with YOU-TUBE what are some of your favorite You-tubers to watch?

Haha I LOVE youtube after midnight. I watch comedy to inspirational videos. All-def-digital’s dad jokes are dry but hilarious to me. Jimmy Kimmel, Infinite waters (mindfulness), I listen to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Gary V, & The Art of improvement for motivation. I am obsessed with lions and kitty cats weirdly so sometimes I wander there and get lost.

What are some of your favorite artists and songs u listen to?

I love any and all classical music. My favorite artist right now are Jay-Z, Peter Collins, A-Boogie, Kodak Black, J cole, Alicia Keys & Amine.

My favorite Song of Peter Collins

Where can we find you?

I can be found & reached on IG @x.valentine & Facebook “Valentine Rontez

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