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Shadee Acton tells you why She Joined Miss World Netherlands 2018



Shadee beautifully captured by Lawrence Mooij
Shadee Acton - Photo by Lawrence Mooij

Shadee Acton


I was born in the Netherlands, but my parents are from Suriname. I am 23 Years old and was Born in Amsterdam the Netherlands, but raised in Almere city.

I have two elder brothers. My oldest brother is 34 years old the other one is 32 years.

That makes me the youngest sibling and a proud aunt of three cousins.

My brothers and my parents both live in Almere.

Shadee Acton for Miss World Nederland 2018 by Lawrence Mooij

Shadee Acton for Miss World Nederland 2018 by Lawrence Mooij


I currently live in Almere. It’s the newest city of the Netherlands and very fast growing. Also do I study Interior design and Styling.

Why represent the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is the country I was born and raised in. As a young Dutch woman with an exotic twist I would like to stand for the diversity that we have in the Netherlands. The diversity these days is something beautiful, because we can learn a lot from each other. Knowledge is power!

Why did u apply for this pageant

I applied for this pageant because I like to be the best version of myself.

A beauty pageant is a beautiful challenge and a way to grow on a personal level. 

It is not only about beauty, but also about intelligence, dedication, hard work and co-operation.

And as a strong young women full of genuine intention I would like to inspire other females.


The Easiest thing is that you can stay yourself.

How are u enjoying the pageant so far?

There is never a dull moment during this pageant. 

I learn alot through different workshops. From lessons in good manners, dutch history, make-up and catwalk to getting inspired by stories of my pageant sisters.

Which sponsors have u had up till now?

Till now we are really spoiled by different sponsors such as a sport brand called Jimmore, Make up from California Tan and Delilah Cosmetics, lovely dresses from Dasonia, Make-up by Blanca Mendoza, Dance classes by Ultimate dance xperience, Catwalk training by Marlouk Bouwman, Lessons in good manners by Anne-Marie van Leggelo, Royal Delft, Tai Chi by Patrick Wolters, Dutchfoto, Katia Maes and last but not least the beautiful location ‘De Koning party & events’.

What is your favorite song at the moment

My favorite song of the moment is Unbreakable by Alicia keys. Its old but gold. I prefer to listen to oldschool so every now and then I’m back with another oldschool jam in my playlist.

When is the finale and what is the talent u are going to show?

The finale is on the 10th of june. As a interior design student I’m going to show my creative side, but the act is a surprise!

Rehearsal with Miss World Netherlands Finalists coördinated by danceschool UDX and Marlouk Bouman

Rehearsal with Miss World Netherlands Finalists coördinated by danceschool UDX and Marlouk Bouman

What is miss world all about?

For me Miss World is about humanitarianism, charity and a pure heart of gold.

Beauty is a gift, but it is the heart that needs to shine the most.

Shadee beautifully captured by Lawrence Mooij

Shadee beautifully captured by Lawrence Mooij

Do you have a charity?

The pageants have a charity for the Aeta tribe in the Philippines. This tribe has been chased away from their own land and 

deserve their own safe place in the Filipino Society. We are working on a safe spot and building a school for them. I am thinking about many creative ways to help these people. It is painful to see how people are not being  accepted on their own land by their own people. In the Netherlands we have our rights and resources to solve social issues.

But in the Philippines they can really use our helping hand.

Shadee Acton in an outfit sponsored by Dasionia boutique

Shadee Acton at the Royal Delft factory

What do u do and eat to stay fit?

I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and eat a lot of fresh clean food.

You can find me in the gym often so I eat a lot of proteins such as eggs, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Every now and then I treat myself with my favorite guilty pleasure, ice cream.

Would you say more ladies should do pageants? 

Yes! let’s break the stereotype image that its only about beauty.

It’s about being your true self, intelligence and inner beauty.

Shadee acton proudly wearing her sjerp

Shadee acton proudly wearing her sjerp

What is the hardest thing about pageants

The hardest thing for me is that I have to pass a exam next to this pageant and I have a few jobs on the side.

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time for yourself, but everything is for a good purpose so 

I’m enjoying every step along the way.

What is the easiest thing about pageants?

The Easiest thing is that you can stay yourself. It is your best representation!


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Melanin Wonder

10 questions for the NEW male face of Melanin Wonder 2019



Two months ago melanin wonder had the coronation of the new male face of melanin wonder. The 1st runner up stepped in the shoes of Terence Munzemba, who unfortunately had to step down from his title, due to personal circumstances. We now proudly introduce the new male face of Melanin Wonder, Lester Wilson!

1. Who are you if u had to describe yourself? 

Who am I?! I think this is one of the hardest questions alive…. Hmm, I am someone who is growing and learning a lot, trying to find my balance, while I am exploring my talents as I go. I am a student of life, very conscious of myself and trying to be of everything around me. I am someone who has a lot of curiosity (which can be my biggest problem sometimes) but yeah, I love to get inspired by people and hope to inspire someone one day as well.

2. What is your heritage and age and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Rotterdam, but my parents are from the Caribbean. My mom is from St. Lucia and my dad is from Curacao. I am now 25 years old.

3. What are some of your biggest passions?

Good question… to start I have unconditional love for basketball, it is a sport where I fell in love with since watching the movie Space Jam for the first time, I think I was 6 or 7 years old at that time. But I started playing it when I was 16. To me it was an outlet, it was a way to express myself as an art form. The sport helped me a lot to grow as a person and it improved my health a lot, ball is life. Another great passion to me, besides basketball, is architecture, sometimes spaces and buildings can make you feel a certain way, some buildings somehow inspires me and architecture literally shapes the world, that´s what I like the most about it. I love creating or designing in general, whether its really making something out of nothing or writing, creating art or doing something with technology and innovation. I just love the respected fields of fine arts trying to find my fit.

4. Why did you apply for the face of Melanin Wonder?

Well, as I am exploring my talents, Melanin Wonder seemed like an amazing opportunity to grow as a model and to find other ways to express myself. It was an opportunity to expand my modeling portfolio and to gain more experience. I wanted to connect with more people, with more creatives to see where we can make some changes or make a difference.

5. What does the term melanin wonder mean to you personally?

Melanin Wonder, hmmm… When I think about it, to me it means, if I had to dissect both words, Melanin to me means directly, people with a bit of color, no matter what shade or tint they just got IT. And wonder I translate it to literally a wonder, a miracle, a unicorn or one of a kind. Just really WONDER-full and lovely.

6. How would your friends describe you?

I really don’t know haha but I think they would say that I will bring positive calm energy or very aware. But I don’t really know for sure.  

7. What are some of your favorite songs at the moment? 

Pfooeee. though one, at this moment I listen to a lot of underground/ up and coming artists, from rap to Hip Hop, R&B, etc. most of them in English, as long as it vibes I can listen to it. I listen to Dani Deleigh and Chris Brown easy, to Ty Dolla $ign and J.cole with purple emoji and just a whole lot more to name.

8. You have a startup, tell us more about it.

Yes, thank you for asking. The company name is Purpose. I want to create/develop smart mirrors to really add value to peoples lives. To help them focus on their Purpose in life and to provide them with tools which remind them of it. We focus on the people, the next leaders of today. We believe in changing the world starts with changing ourselves

9. How will Purpose impact the world?

We are going to change the world, we are not only developing a new tech product, a smart mirror, but we are building a movement around it. This is going to be a revolution in our daily lives and we will have an impact by directly trying to change the way we think about and view ourselves and the world around us. Follow us to understand the movement. With every step closer, everything will become clear.

10. What tips do you have for those who want to start a business in tech?

If you have a great idea that will benefit the people/world and/or, the earth or other living beings, go for it. Now tech is becoming and already is a big part of our daily lives, I find, that it should be an extension of our greater self, where we as humans are limited, technology and innovation take its place, but it should be in harmony with our existence. It must have a positive impact and it should suit/have a Purpose, (pun intended) 😛

Where can people find you? Social media handles! Linkedin?

People can find me on:

We are starting a new movement and where we want to create some changes starting with ourselves and I want everyone to join me

Lester Wilson
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Photo: xyv_pht Model: Hanna Ofosu
“I have wished and dreamt of being a model and with my black beauty I
know it’s the best part I have taken I know and I believe this the right
time for me.”- Hanna Ofosu

Photo: xyv_pht Model: Hanna Ofosu

This 18-year-old Ghanaian born beauty used to be bullied because of her dark skin. Now she want to promote self-love and appreciation of self, by showing her beauty to the world and promoting dark skin complexion.

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Photo by @xyv_pht Model: Beni Schamma

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Photo by @xyv_pht Model: Beni Schamma

This 18-year-old has the drive to become better and better each day. He is young and the world is at his feet, we are curious to know what the future hold for him. Do you see him as the next ‘Face of Melanin Wonder 2019’?

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