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RTL invites Kayleigh Manhoef the next Melanin Energetic Interior Designer



Kayleigh is a Boss-Mum – Entrepreneur

I am 28 years old and I lived in Purmerend most my life. I have a 5 year old son and I love him to death! I am an interior designer, energetic interieur visagist. I like to use energies and feng shui wisdom to guide me with the design.

I started my own company around 2017, it was my first design agency, I had some personal issues and stopped at one point. Somewhere in 2019, I decided to start doing business again. Last year was my decision to take things to the next level. I wanted to be more unique and different. Which makes it all more personal and sometimes I end up having friends after wards. 

Photographer: @shar_iw Sharon N Iwerebor

Photographer: @shar_iw Sharon N Iwerebor – Make up Artist: @e.beautyy

Having a business also means to be the ultimate mum I can be and more financial freedom as well. I want to be able to take my son to school and have as much quality time with him while I do my job.

How it all started..

I look at Feng Shui, the universe and the different energies in the room. I had a hard time and was looking for a way to come out of the negative vibes. I started doing meditation and looking for healing. I always ended on feng Shui and I learned a lot about it. I really got out of my funk and saw the light. 

“I do heavy kickboxing training 3 times a week, people usually do not expect it.”

No one really does it like me. I have noticed that when I look around. I am my unique person and I love what I do.

What it means to be an interior designer

Someone who advises you on arranging your furniture in a practical and beautiful way. I always ask what color the customers like in combination with my own (spiritual) knowledge. 

Photographer: @shar_iw Sharon N Iwerebor

Photographer: @shar_iw Sharon N Iwerebor

What we usually do is: brainstorming about the materials, we create a moodboard.

  • After the Mood board comes a stale board and color board.
  • I usually come up with a Plan A and then Plan B or they want to combine the two options.
  • You as a client get a chance to change 1 thing to before I go to the definitive (spiritual inspired) design. 

Also do I have around 5 contact moments in person to finalize the final room/house design inspired by Feng Shui. 

My work will be on Paper drawings or digital drawings it really depends on what the client wants. Planning together is what happens next in the house or desired room that needs an upgrade in design.

“Every space deserves respect”


Future Plans

I would have an office with 30 people working under me. With 5 designers and other . I would live to have my own line. Selling gemstones would be a lovely addition to what I am currently doing. I could advise my clients with gemstones to make the energy in the room or house even better. Later down the line, I see myself having a Home line also pillows and plaids would be something I love to be able to give to the people. I am speaking it into existence but also planning towards this! 

Another short term plan for me and my brand is to go into properties and real estate. I want to work with real estate agents and investors and have major house flipping projects. I am really looking forward to that! Buying and upholstering houses/estates  and selling it with profit is part of my major plan. 

RTL 4 saw my instagram and I saw a wrong number and I thought it was fake. I got the receptionist on the line and she was extremely excited and she was checking out hashtags and she found one of my first pages! She found my website and hashtags on Instagram and decided to air me on TV on the 21th 08:30 ,27th 13:00 en the 28th 14:30 March. They were so excited about my way of designing any space. So I got invited to talk about it a little bit on National TV.

AIRTIME: 21,27 and 28 March 2021 on RTL 4 TV.

It will be about what I do and why I would choose a certain way of designing a space.

Find Kayleigh here..

Instagram: @flowingenergyby

website (available after the 20th of March 2021)




Roos Lizardo knows what to get for your MUM!



Who is Roos Lizardo?

Let me introduce myself; my name is Roos, I am 31 and I reside in Amsterdam. I have created my own skin-oil as a way to boost a healthy skin. The skinbooster contains natural oils. 

Rglam is a Skinbooster

My sister has been my biggest motivator. She really helped me out and assisted me in the proces of creating the perfect skin care product for all skintypes. My sister actually suffers from eczema and she uses different products to keep her skin healthy.

Use the skinbooster before you put on your make up and be surprised by how good your make-up stays on the whole day!”

A little Cutivate creme mixed with Vaseline and two drops of my Skinbooster did wonders for her skin. She repeats this skincare routine on a daily. At night you would only need a few drops as well. After testing this, it resulted into healthy, smooth and glowing skin! We were excited, this formula could also help out others!


The Major Benefits of the Skinbooster are:

Antioxidant Rich

Anti oxidants make sure that your skin stays supple and hydrated. Also does it protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

Skinbooster Rglam calms your skin
Most plant based oils have a soothing and calming effect. Also do these oils have loads of benefits including an inconsistent and inflamated skin.



Free of Bacteria
Bacteria and funghi do like to live in plant based oils. This is why Skinbooster does not contain artificial elements. It’s a win win if you ask Roos with her new wonder product Rglam Skinbooster.

Our products have nuts and nut elements in them. It is recommended to test out a little but on the skin of your hand to make sure it does not give you any rash. The skinbooster is not suited for people with a nut allergy.  

I have been working on this formula for about 7 months, this natural oil combination has been tested by all my friends. They helped me out by trying it on their own skin as well. The verdict was: ‘The Glow is Real!’

Dry acne? We have the solution. The oil hydrates the skin and makes sure your skin does not become too oily. Oily skin produces more pimples and overall acne. This oil is loaded with natural ingredients and gives everyone that uses this a natual glow. My product is 100% Vegan and also good for sensitive skin.

Tip: Use the skinbooster before you put on your make up and be surprised by how good your make-up stays on the whole day!”

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Aaron West, extremely passionate about inspiring change in others



Can you introduce yourself?

So, my full name is Aaron West, I am 31, Black and proud and I was born and mostly raised in Shreveport, Louisiana by my mom and grandparents. My mom moved my twin brother, little sister and I from Shreveport to Houston when I was 15 after she graduated from college and I’ve been here ever since. I would say I had a pseudo-rural upbringing in Shreveport because it was a slower city compared to Houston.

I say this not to imply we lived on a farm and milked cows but basically Shreveport as a city was far behind what Houston was in terms of modern black culture like fashion, music etc. Upon arriving to Houston I really started to think I was living on BET because everything and everyone was so cool and fashion forward lol. My brother, sister and I played most sports growing up to stay busy and I think that is probably where I grew to love Fitness.

What are you passionate about?

I am extremely, extremely, extremely, passionate about inspiring change in others. I would say I simply love to see people change their bodies or achieve their fitness goals, because I’m a personal trainer, but it’s so much deeper than that. For me it’s all about helping others understand what can be done with a little effort. Nothing and no one can make me feel as I do in the moment that someone who I talked to previously about where I see them going with their body remembers that conversation while presently living in that body we talked about in the past.

I own a personal training studio where I conduct one-on-one sessions with clients and sure we talk about fitness but it is not uncommon for us to also talk about other life goals, in-fact we probably talk about more life coaching type things than anything else, I really just enjoy helping people reach their full potential in every facet of life.


Aaron ripped in front of a grafitti wall

Aaron ripped in front of a grafitti wall


What is your profession?

My profession is complex but if I had to label it I would say I am an entrepreneur because I create things. Currently I am operating as personal trainer in my personal training studio but I have goals of becoming a motivational speaker and I also plan to start a few non-profits and other business outside of fitness.

How long have you owned ur fitness business?

By the grace of God my business has been open for almost 3 years. I started Almost PerFit Fitness after graduating from University of Houston and having a hard time finding what I considered a “real job”. I was still working for a local gym as a personal trainer and as a very broke post-college grad I figured that there was no better time to start a business than at the bottom, that way me and Almost PerFit Fitness( the business) literally would grow together.

With no real business plan I simply started training clients on the side in parks for less than what they would pay at the gym but was able to pocket more than what the gym was paying me. As business grew I decided to rent a space add some fitness equipment “wollah” i was in business on your own.


Aaron at the beach rocking his sunglasses

Aaron at the beach rocking his sunglasses


How do make sure your clients eat healthy?

I usually cannot really control how my clients eat so once I design the meal plan best tailored to their needs I focus on making sure they understand how eating wrong can impact their fitness goals. I’ve found that the more they understand the better their food decisions would be. I weigh my clients in weekly to track progress towards or away from their goal and then make adjustments.

Why start your own business?

I would now presently answer this question with “why not?” but honestly I never considered working for myself until I realized that I was worth more than what someone was willing to pay me to do a job I could create on my own. It is actually something I heard “Master P” of No Limit records say about his decision to start independent. I don’t think entrepreneurship is for everyone but it is definitely worth a shot if you are passionate about adding value to someone’s life with a service or product.


Aaron rocking his Powerful Beard

Aaron rocking his Powerful Beard


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years I see myself in the fitness industry. I actually plan to remain in the industry for the rest of my life but as a trainer to trainers as opposed to simply a trainer. I would like to have a larger platform to help more people in various ways.

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

Aside from working out I really enjoy photography. I actually do most of my own photography for promotional flyers, social media marketing etc with a Nikon D330. I’m a self professed student to the craft and I’m also actively learning more about editing software. Me and my girlfriend are learning a few actually to help with our couples YouTube channel.

I have one habit that I think is pretty crazy, I am constantly stretching my body trying to get comfortable from multiple weekly workouts. I’ll be in bed literally popping and stretching until I finally fall asleep. It’s actually pretty common in the bodybuilding world and I wouldn’t say it’s painful but at every opportunity I feel the need to stretch my muscles/joints out I am probably going to stop everything I’m doing and do it, it’s weird but it feels so necessary. Other than that I’m just a guy .*lol*

Check out his Instagram for more about his business and some stunning pictures!


Aaron West entrepreneur and health coach

Aaron West entrepreneur and health coach


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4 Things that you assume are part of your character… BUT actually are imposter syndrome.



 4 Things that you assume are part of your character… BUT actually are imposter syndrome 

These following points are signs of imposter syndrome:

  1. Thinking that success is a bad thing or turns people into bad people.

The underlying issue is often feeling fear or guilt about success. I used to grow up with this phrase on repeat: “Money will not make you happy”.

“That doesn’t mean you cannot become EXCEPTIONAL or GREAT at what you do. You absolutely can!”

Noticed that my environment used to talk about success as a bad thing. Which my clients heard as well. Feeling guilty to talk about wanting success or turning into a successful, because they and I thought you would become “bad” or “greedy”.

Until I learned that there’s nothing bad about success or money.

The problem lies within your intentions. And let’s not forget broke and unsuccessful people can also have bad intentions. So the question is: Who do you want to be as a person? And also if you have money or success you can help more people, so it’s a good thing!

  1. Thinking that you should be “the best”.

Allow me to drop a major TRUTH BOMB: Someone else is always going to better than you… That doesn’t mean you cannot become EXCEPTIONAL or GREAT at what you do. You absolutely can!

The hunt to become “the best” or “special” is exhausting. I can say this, as I’ve been there, done that. What I found is whenever I tried to focus on becoming the best, I lost my true authentic self. Because when you want to become the best, most of the times you focus on others who you want to outdo.

When I started working on becoming my best SELF. I started seeing a difference in my energy, vibe and the people I attracted.

  1. Not feeling intelligent even when having a high degree

Let’s get real. There are different types of intelligence, but most people see intelligence as book-smart. And when you constantly hear that you’re not smart enough. Or land into places where there are people that are perceived as smart and you don’t sound nor look like them, you doubt your intelligence. You wonder how did I get here. Might even think that it is probably luck or that you just worked hard and fooled everybody.

Happy to announce you’re smarter than the person you see in the mirror. Time to change your self-talk!

  1. Overworking to hide the feelings of inadequacy

Ooh, the accuracy of this one is painful, to say the least. People who overwork and are ambitious, either get underestimated or overestimated. When you’re underestimated you feel as if you need to prove that you’re better. When you’re overestimated you feel as if you need to prove that you can uphold that image.

Both have in common that you can’t come as you are. Which gives the feeling of not being good enough.

That’s why when you have this and people say to you: “Just do you”, you get a major error. What is doing you? Have you ever done it? Learning to see yourself separate from your work is essential to become your whole self.

Not a version of it.








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