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Dyanna Neiva, the Brazilian born beauty is the founder of the fitness brand ‘Physicalpassion’. Within the midst of global turmoil and corona quarantine, she found her passion and wanted to share this passion with the world. Her passion for fitness changed her life, and she wants to bring this positive life-changing energy to other women, worldwide, by providing them strong, daring, and stylish fitness attire.

Dyanna Neiva – (Founder) Physicalpassion – ‘Courage’ collection

‘Fitness actually saved my life – Dyanna (Physicalpassion)

How fitness changed her life, HER backstory

Dyanna grew up in Brazil and moved to the Netherlands when she was 18-years-old to reunite with her mother. While in Brazil, she as many teenagers sometimes went through hard times. After a specific turn of events in her life, she hit rock bottom for a while. This period was a hard time in her life, and due to the emotional distress, she lost a lot of weight and dropped to the weight of 45 kilo’s.

When she came to the Netherlands, to reunite with her mother, she had no friends here, she didn’t speak Dutch or English and felt alone.

Her loving mother made a plan for her daughter to help her build her mental and physical health and bought her a 1-year-gym-subscription. This was the best gift that she could ever receive at that moment. Not only did she had the opportunity to meet new people, but she also discovered the healing process of working out and the positive effects it had on her body. 

Dyanna: Fitness actually saved my life. I found a new passion and started competing for a 3 year period as an IFBB figure pro! I really found the healing power of going to fitness and made it my passion. Now I am a fitness instructor.

The healing powers of going to the fitness

Physicalpassion – ‘Courage’ collection

A brand that represents the feminine beauty in fitness

Fitness is good for your physical and mental health, so why not look stylish while working on yourself! The brand is meant to look powerful and exude confidence.

Physicalpassion – ‘Courage’ collection

Building stronger mental health and a stronger body gave Dyanna confidence, and she wants everyone who wears her collection to feel confident as well!

The ‘confidence’ collection – A twelve-piece collection

Be the first to get the first pieces! The collection just launched today. Order yours on the website and join the CONFIDENT and PHYSICALPASSION gang!

Physicalpassion – ‘Courage’ collection






Most people scratch their heads when they hear the word ‘imposter syndrome’. You might think it’s a disease because of the name. This is far from the truth. In 1978 the psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes found that people suffered from an intellectual form of self-doubt. They called it imposter syndrome. The official definition is the experience of being unable to internalize accomplishments and persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

70% of the people experience it

It overcomes most of us. In fact, 70% of people experience it. While this is already a high number, the stats are even higher for black women specifically. A whopping 85% of black women have suffered from it during their career.

Even Michelle Obama, Serena Wiliams and Maya Angelou had imposter syndrome.

Even Michelle Obama, Serena Wiliams and Maya Angelou had imposter syndrome. Crazy right?! But when you think of it, it makes sense that even these very accomplished women have this. Society often diminishes black women’s achievements and value. So it’s not that crazy when you internalize these doubts after hearing it for years.

Today is the day you can find out if you suffer from imposter syndrome

If after reading these 4 signs, you say: “Wow this is what I’ve felt in my career.” you might have experienced it.

1. Feeling incompetent despite demonstrating competence

The interesting thing with imposter syndrome is that it mostly pops up on people who are extremely capable and smart. Einstein didn’t even escape imposter syndrome. You can have degrees, awards, even a ton of clients and still think you’re not that good. When you are telling people that you can do something, but have never done it before then you can easily say you’re a fraud. But when you have the proof to back up why you are totally capable, it is most likely imposter syndrome creeping up on you.

2. Feeling uncomfortable with receiving praise or compliments

Do you always feel awkward when receiving a compliment? Do you hear yourself downplay your skill when someone compliments it. Well, most people with imposter syndrome don’t see their talents or achievements as spectacular. Rather, they think everyone can do what they can do. Most of the times things that come easy to you might be really hard for someone else.We forget the effort that it took to build the skill and perceive our skills as regular. Which it is not!

3. Feeling others are more equipped than you

Intelligent ambitious women tend to tie their work and value to their knowledge. Often when they enter a space where there are other highly capable people they can feel like a ‘fraud’. It’s tough to not compare yourself to others in those situations. Thinking that others really know what they are talking about and you’re still figuring it all out.

The epiphany I got when I worked at top level coaching companies is that a lot of people at top levels don’t know what they are doing. Especially (white) men can bluff their way into a company. I understood that everybody is still figuring it all out.

4. Feeling like you don’t belong in your job role

Imagine that you’re starting your new job. You are one of the few black people. You overwork to finish the job. And there is always this lingering feeling that you have to prove that you deserve the job.

That feeling is exhausting and mostly resting on a false belief. Even though as a black person you can endure different stereotypes in the workplace. The person that hired you did think that you belong. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be there. In an interview with Michelle Obama on this issue, she said: “For a long time I thought I didn’t belong but being in several top places I noticed that there were a lot of people that didn’t belong there. But I was definitely not one of them.”

About the writer
Ayesha Noelle (@ayeshanoelle) is a mindset and business coach, who specializes in imposter syndrome. She mainly helps female online entrepreneurs achieve their business goals & overcome imposter syndrome by implementing science-based strategies. Her background is in Applied Psychology and she appeared as a guest expert on multiple media platforms.


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JUST water is not just water, we use JUST in the term of JUSTICE to do better in the world




Jaden Smith Photo by Thomas Welch / Highsnobiety

The backstory of JUST water

JUST water is not like any other kind of water, it’s one of a kind! JUST water started 8 years ago. While Jaden was in school studying he saw a plastic bottle floating in the water and he became inspired about how humans take care of their environment. At that time Jaden was 11 years old and as a child he kept going on about the health of the environment.

His father, Will was really proud as Jaden kept studying more about this issue and doing more research on the internet. During Jaden’s research he discovered a company named Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak is a company that  focusses on processing, packaging and service solutions, maintaining the highest standards of food safety, operational performance and sustainability.Jaden went on to set up a meeting with Tetra Pak, the company was greatly inspired by Jaden’s vision and went on to support him in his ambition to find  a solution to take better care of the environment.

In an inteview with BEVNET , Will co-founder of JUST water tells the interviewer that JUST water was born out of his child’s care for the environment so they didn’t want to market this idea as a celebrity brand. The Smith’s family and friends teamed up and worked together to mold the brand and company. After making a steady concept they pitched the idea to Whole Foods and they got a big YES in just 7 minutes. That is how JUST water made it’s introduction to the outside world. Now JUST water can be bought in stores and online at

JUST water is not just your regular kind of water

The mission of JUST water is to promote less use of plastic and the emission of CO2. The JUST water bottles are 100% recycable. The bottles are made out of 54% paper , 32% plant-based plastic ( covers) , 3% aluminum and 4% protective plastic film.

JUST water + infused flavor

The flavors are also different than any other flavored water. JUST water doesn’t add the fruit taste to the water but they distil it. As Jaden explained at the BEVNET interview:” We take the essence of the fruit and mix water into water , it’s through the distilling process we mix particles from the fruit and the water”. Totally different than any other flavored water!

Flint Michigan

Flint Michigan is still coping with unclean water. JUST will donate clean drinking water to the schools until they get clean and drinkable water.

JUST water is not just water, we use JUST in the term of JUSTICE to do better in the world – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith / Just Water –


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Nene Merit RE-introduces the Elegancy 101 Membership Card! Female Empowerment




Women empowerment get together

Who is Nene Merit?

My name is Nene Merit, Elegancy 101 owner and I am 23 years old, my parents are Nigerian and I was born in Delft the Netherlands. I used to be a blogger back in the day and I studied events marketing. I started blogging during my student period. Suddenly I started getting a lot of visitors from the United States and the UK this happened around 2010/2011.

Blogging was not a big thing around this time. An Afro-European blog about what to find where was not a hot topic. Most people went to American bloggers’ website to read about topics where to get certain wanted products.

There was nothing similar to that in Europe. More and more collaborations started like the MTV awards etc. I started making press reports for MTV. I couldn’t really make money of of it because there was no budget to pay bloggers like me at the time.

I am currently working on freelance PR and  making money in different ways. My membership card also keeps me busy. I don’t like working for a boss, I prefer having my own income and being my own boss.


Nene Merit owner Elegancy 101

Nene Merit, 23 years old


What was your motivation to start Elegancy 101?

Elegancy 101 was aimed at Afro-Europeans and what we go through on a daily basis. I have decided to focus more on beauty and topics like weave and preventing skin bleaching.

I always tried to bring  people with different cultures and believes together so I decided to launch an Elegancy 101 membership card.

Ladies have a lot in common but sometimes do not get each other because of the culture differences. I want to change that by giving workshops and creating discounts. I target people from the age of 18 to 35 years.


What is your favorite project that you are currently working on?

The Elegancy 101 Membership Card is a project started by myself. It is a way of bringing different women together through the use of the membership card. It has many advantages for living a healthy, educational and cultural live in or near the bigger cities of The Netherlands. We focus on young adults, especially women from diverse backgrounds living in and around the cities.

The card will enable you to attend different workshops and various discounts for mainly female aimed products and services. Also will it help diffuse the negative stereotype of black women. It will also decrease the ethnic profiling that is going on.

Members can get many discounts by using the card to purchase theater tickets for example. Moreover the card also offers discounts for workshops, readings, debates, lady fitness, beauty, festivals and ladies nights. Also will the makers of the member card arrange several activities, debates and seminars themselves to entertain the members.

The card is mainly for?

  • For women from the age 18 to 40;
  • To promote culture in the ‘Randstad’; (In Holland Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Almere and Den Haag)
  • Educative;
  • Multicultural

and so much more!

This is why You need the Elegancy Member Card

We want to make Cultural outings more accessible for all women of different ethnic backgrounds. We want to make CULTURE hip again. The boring stereotype around museums etc. needs to be gone! The different events that we will be organizing for members are themed around FEMALE EMPOWERMENT.

There are currently some negative stereotypes around young adults from a migration background and we want to kick that stereotypes’ ass. Enhancing Female empowerment in combination with battling stereotypes is one of our main goals. The membership card will also enable people to come together and create new friendships. Another great aspect is how The Card enhances the cultural diversity in Holland.

Women empowerment get together

Women empowerment get together

This is how it Works!

Step 1 to 5

Step 1: Go to Order the membership card. Agree to the terms. Pay the yearly amount of  € 7,50 (8.27 US dollars).

Step 2: Get the Unique Code from the E101Card. This Code is personal and connected to your online account

Step 3: Log in on and book your activities Online. Get Notified about your event.

Step 4: Get all year long promotions and discounts. Get a monthly Notification about Newly added events.

Step 5: Take your card to the event. Take your ID and enjoy the events with a great Discount!

Nene merit owner of Elegancy 101

Nene Merit on a traveling trip

What does Melanin Wonder mean to you?

That is a hard one! Me personally, I think it is motivating to see other dark skinned women doing well in general. Independent Melanin people that try to reach their goals in life. I am a big fan of people chasing after what they want in life too. I do not really use this term because I am a fan of everyone, whether you are yellow or purple I do not care about color.

What are some of the Melanin Wonders you look up to?

Faya Lourens, Sylvana Simons, Shay Krueger, Birgit Lewis and Pearl Jozefzoon ! All women who have their personal difficulties throughout life. I love the way they are!


What is your message to all melanin women and girls?

Go for it! It sounds so cliché but it is a fact that going for what you want is not as hard as it may seem. Try to connect with other people (network).

Do not let anything stop you, no dream is too big to achieve. Nothing depends on your skin color or your background, If you want It you will get it. Also, the internet can provide many chances to access different things that are necessary to start something for yourself.

There are so many ways to become successful in life. Just choose one and go for it.



“Do not let anything disturb you!”

Nene can be found

You can find me on my website:


my Twitter @Elegancy101 and on Facebook Nene Merit and Elegancy101

PR: Elegancy101 PR.


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2516 BE Den Haag

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