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Osaah believes in being unique and getting inspired! Blogger lifestyle



Osaah can you introduce yourself to the people?

I currently live in Accra Ghana, East Legon to be precise. My full name is Mametta Maamesaah Boateng and I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. I was born and raised in Ghana and grew up in a home where traveling and experiencing different cultures is a norm. I run a style blog called Osaah.

What are you passionate about?

Hospitality and Fashion are things I live for now a days. I have always wanted to own and manage a Hotel. Knowing that I can brighten up someone’s life or put a smile on someone’s face gives me life. Then the part where I get to express myself through clothes is always in my face lol * she laughs*. I love how a piece of clothing can tell so many stories in different ways and I would very much like to share that with the world one day i.e start a clothing and handbag line in the near future. I have been a style blogger for about one and a half year now.

Osaah at the beach side in Ghana

Osaah at the beach side in Ghana

Who is your favourite style blogger at the moment?

Sade Akinosho (s4de_u on IG) I like her not only does she have a great sense of style but she has a clothing line as well. Something I will love to do in the future.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Running an Empire where has birthed many businesses such as a clothing and handbag line and giving back to the community.

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

Cooking, reading and research on stuff about the corporate world I am currently in. Not sure if this is crazy but I have the habit of cleaning up whenever I visit a friend or go some place for the first time, yikes!

Osaah and her unique style

Osaah and her unique style

Who is your celebrity crush?

Teyana Taylor, she has a great personality and amazing style.

What tips do you have for style bloggers that are just starting out?

Well well, guys get your notepads ready lol *she laughs* – Believe in yourself – Do not compare yourself to anyone, but rather get inspiration from all angles – Play and experiment with your clothes and have fun with your Style – Listen to advise but not all advise is good advise, play it smart.

Do you think a Melanin Wonder Platform is necessary?

Yes, I think it is a great platform to learn from while getting inspired in the process. Melanin means beauty to me.

Osaah and her unique style

Osaah and her unique style

If you had to choose a superpower what would it be?

That is a tough one, I will go for Peace Maker.

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Conqueror by Ghanaian Urban Gospel Artist Regardless. I believe God is moulding me into a woman of substance, hence the challenges and hurdles I face. Be it in creativity, dealing with emotions, life goals etc. At every stage of my life he has given me the grace to conquer everything that comes my way.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yeeessss if we are talking bags, clothes and shoes but a no for the opposite sex.

Osaah and her unique style

Osaah and her unique style

Who do you look up to in the blogging world?

Honestly, no one, I appreciate and get inspired by all bloggers. They are doing a good job. The fashion and blogging world is evolving everyday.





Valentine Rontez shares knowledge




Who is Valentine Rontez?

My full name is Valentine Rontez. I identified myself as African-America for most of my life, until I did some soul searching. My Ancestors are from Benin-Togo Africa. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, United States.

How did you become a model?

After getting fired from my Doorman job at the Gucci Store on 5th avenue New York I went through a depression and felt lost. My sister took some of my Facebook photos and posted them on,

I then received a message from Jahn Hall (photographer) who was interested in shooting me. We took “Beauty shots” in his stairwell & his warehouse studio. After working with Jahn I rushed to New Jersey to shoot with my good friend Christopher Horne.

While there Jahn contacted me and told me Sean Bennett from Specimen Model Management wanted to represent me. I sent Sean my polaroids and from there he scheduled meetings all around NYC to meet with different agencies. I was declined, but Sean had saved the best for last.

“Firstly, I found God & built my faith & courage with his promises as my meditation.”

I met the casting director Michelle Lee who was casting for Calvin Klein, there she trained me and taught me how to walk the runway. I found a side gig doing catering incase the door for modeling did not open. Later that day at work, Sean called me with surprising news that I was confirmed for a Calvin Klein exclusive contract in Milan Italy for fashion week. IMG was then interested in signing me.

If you had to describe your road to success in 5 steps, which 5 steps would that be?

Firstly, I found God & built my faith & courage with his promises as my meditation.

I needed to love & accept myself, to embrace the fact that I am a perfect imperfection.

Develop perseverance & a hard work ethic.

Practicing good sleep and eating healthy was a major culprit for my mindfulness.

Remain humble in balance with knowing your self worth.

How did you get the idea to make a video about showing people how to model?

I get countless of direct messages from people all over the world young boys & girls 15 – 40 asking for advice. Most have the dream but do not know where to get started. I replied to as many as I could on a daily. Then I decided to make a video because visuals work better then words.

How is life living as a model?

Modeling allowed me to focus on what my soul desires and visit places in the world I would have never imagined I would be. I have had the opportunity to meet so many inspirations that expand my mind to new dimensions. Although I am not much of a night life person parties overseas are extremely fun.

What are some of the downsides of being a model that people never talk about?

The uncertainty of anything. Anything could happen and if your looks a re not desired in the business that means business stops for you as well.

The basics of becoming a model
The basics of becoming a model PART 2.0

Would you ever design your own clothes?

 Yes! I am currently manifesting that. It would be great to have an own fashion collection.

We are obsessed with YOU-TUBE what are some of your favorite You-tubers to watch?

Haha I LOVE youtube after midnight. I watch comedy to inspirational videos. All-def-digital’s dad jokes are dry but hilarious to me. Jimmy Kimmel, Infinite waters (mindfulness), I listen to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Gary V, & The Art of improvement for motivation. I am obsessed with lions and kitty cats weirdly so sometimes I wander there and get lost.

What are some of your favorite artists and songs u listen to?

I love any and all classical music. My favorite artist right now are Jay-Z, Peter Collins, A-Boogie, Kodak Black, J cole, Alicia Keys & Amine.

My favorite Song of Peter Collins

Where can we find you?

I can be found & reached on IG @x.valentine & Facebook “Valentine Rontez

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Swelia Da Silva Antonio has been crowned Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020 by a Professional jury led by the 12 Months of Beauty organization. The lucky winner was chosen on November 8th in Amsterdam.

As titleholder Swelia represents the Netherlands at the international final of Miss Supranational 2020/2021 in Poland, one of the top 5 largest international beauty pageants in the world.

The brand new Miss Supranational Netherlands is euphoric about her win..

“I love standing here and wearing the crown. It really is an honor to represent the Netherlands later on, and to be able to compete and promote our values. Before this time comes, I would like to dedicate myself to stake the culture of tolerance to flow down to the capillaries of society.” – Swelia

Photo: Johnny ten Have, Crown: BaroQco, Makeup: Seductive Glamor, Hair: Addict Haarlem

Also the CEO’s of the 12 Months of Beauty organization and licensees of various miss- and mister pageants, Robin and Stefan Hoven Lieuw Choy react enthusiastically to the results of the jury panel:

“Her power of persuasion is very strong, which for many will be a source of  inspiration. That’s what we’re looking for; women who stand up for what they believe in!”

– Robin and Stefan

The 23-year-old Miss wants to give the Black Lives Matter movement in the Netherlands a new dimension, by using her title to advocate for a stronger position of Afro-Dutch women in society. During her pitch she emphasized this goal:

“We have a culture of tolerance, a notion that we must constantly sustain. My effort is to dedicate my title and my crown to ameliorate the position of black women in Dutch society. I believe that 2020 came for positive change. From the ground up, we will upgrade.” 

Photo: Johnny ten Have, Crown: BaroQco, Makeup: Seductive Glamor, Hair: Addict Haarlem

Swelia believes in the strength of unity and association, therefore, both factors will be central to her efforts to attach weight to her crown. In addition to being a Miss, Swelia is also a Master’s student in Public Administration and Ambassador of Education for the Black Ladies Talk organization.

This real beauty and brains of own soil gives substance to her qualities by entering into collaborations from model to guest at the table, the list goes on and on.

With this ‘from the ground up’ mentality, Swelia also wants to bag in the international crown.

Follow and support Swelia through social media, on Instagram she is ‘@a_la_swelia’ and on Facebook ‘Swelia Da Silva Antonio’.

Propositions and questions are welcome at the address of [ To the attention of :Robin and Stefan ] always mentioning Miss Supra NL 2020.



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Fashion Shoot with the faces of Melanin Wonder NL 2020



The Melanin Wonder ambassadors Destin, Shanice, Winanda and Joann are participating in their first-ever shoot after the terrible pandemic lockdown we had in the Netherlands. We are back stronger than ever. Take a look and stay updated and check out the end results soon!!

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