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Janet by Joyce Djo Janet by Joyce Djo


A New Host in Town: Janet Dara aka. dj JD on HiRadio




The Nigerian new comer Janet, (28 years) has taken the stage. Or as we say, she has taken the mic. Very soon, she will be debuting in the new radio show called “TALKATIVE”

Talkative is a Pidgen English slang for someone who talks too much” Janet states and “I believe I know how to run my mouth and talk about different topics” . “I have a strong opinion and I will definitely voice my opinion”


Janet walking the Africa Festival Runway in MAFcouture Clothing

Picture by Dominique Tol


Talkative is a show about different topics and dilemma’s. Can a man and a woman be best friends? Yes or no? This an example of a controversial conversation which will air soon.

Also is the show about the latest Nigerian gossip, breaking stories and other News. Mostly from in and around Nigeria but the TMZ and Shade-room shenanigans cannot be left out. The show will air every week from 20:00 till 22:00 o’clock and will be filled with the latest hit-songs selected by Hiradio and dj JD.


Janet at NDSM werf Amsterdam

Janet at NDSM werf Amsterdam

Juicy stories, latest gist, we can keep naming them but you’d have to tune in and listen to know what this new show is all about.

Two to three new guests will be invited weekly to talk about the latest juice and to talk about so much more. To summarize it, there will be hot topics and a lot of.. you might have guessed it… Lots of TALKING!

Janet by Federico Motta

Janet by Federico Motta

Why do a radio show?

“It is a way of expressing myself in a new, different and challenging way. As a kid I used to listen to the Dutch stream ‘Radio 538’. What was a young kid doing listening to the radio you might think. I was only using the background noises to do my homework, somehow this helped me concentrate.”

“I used to always tune in on Sunday evening, back in the day. I would listen to the radios segment: ‘Juize – Hip Hop and R&B from A to Z” on Radio 538. I used to fantasize about being a radio host myself but I never thought I would actually get the chance and Platform to actually be in one now.”


Janet by Erwin Verweij

Janet by Erwin Verweij


“The BreakFast Club Style is what I love!”

What is the show about?

“Think about the Nollywood and actors such as: Funke Adesiyan, Kenneth Onkonkwo, Aki and Paw paw etc. They all go through stuff and we are gossiping and talking about them. The show is filled with opinions, the listeners will also have the chance to share their opinions. Interesting topics like: “Can you meet the love of your life through a DM?” or “Reasons to not be attracted to someone”. We will discuss every Topic, Gist, theory or dilemma and come out with a whole new view on things.”



Make up by Munira

Make up by Munira


Janet is the oldest of 5 kids and has always been driven by the (social)media ever since she was young. She used to be a shy and conservative person but her bubbly personality came out at the age of 19. Her first TV cameo was on a school trip in the TV show “De meneer Cactus SHow” , this experience always stuck with her.  Studying Nutrition and dietetics is what she does on the side. Also does she run a popular online platform Melanin Wonder which she runs with her partner in Crime Stephanie Omogun. She will fill your livingrooms, barbershops and bedrooms with her warm voice and entertain you guys.


Janet and Stephanie founders of Melanin Wonder

Janet and Stephanie founders of Melanin Wonder

Janet by Joyce Djo

Janet by Joyce Djo

Have you gotten excited or curious to see what will be going on weekly on the vibrant show Talkative then you should tune in on, and listen!

You can also download the App on your Android phone HiradioNL


Airing of first stream will be: August 13, 2018 8 PM till 10 PM

Losjes party captured by Lesley Adu


The Plug to connect to dj JD

Instagram+Snapchat: @JDcertified

FaceBook: Janet Omotayo Dara


Janet Dara by Kim Dijkstra

Janet Dara by Kim Dijkstra

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[Dutch] – De KROON – Behind the scenes



Waarom moet de hele wereld weten van jullie filmpje?

Voor zwarte mensen is het erg leerzaam en bemoedigend om deze film te zien, omdat zij vervreemd zijn geraakt van hun roots door kolonialisme en door deze film te zien ervaar je de rijke geschiedenis die het afro haar kent en voel je je niet vervreemd van je natuurlijke haar. Daarnaast is de film voor de hele wereld interessant, omdat het een ode is aan de zwarte vrouw. De schepper van de mensheid. Een vrouw die door de geschiedenis heen hoogte punten, maar sinds het westers kolonialisme tot nu toe uit de westerse geschiedenis boeken wordt gelaten omdat ze een gevaar zou zijn voor de westerse samenleving. Wij willen die liefde voor haar en voor deze rijke (haar)geschiedenis delen met de wereld.

Hoe lang duurde het om dit te creeeren?

De film kent geen starttijd, omdat er veel voorkennis is opgedaan die bewust in de film geïmplementeerd is, maar sinds de racistische uitspraken die zijn gedaan bij het programma Bubbels&Gloss op 6 mei 2018 zijn we het concept van de film gaan uitwerken. Het is een organisch proces geweest, waarbij we niet verbonden waren aan harde deadline, omdat we dit als een belangrijk project zagen dat we wilde maken op onze eigen voorwaarden. 

Behind the scenes – short movie de KROON

Wat moet men vinden, doen of denken nadat zij het filmpje hebben gezien.

De onvoorwaardelijke kracht, liefde en geluk voelen die zwarte mensen uit hun haar en elkaar halen. Geconfronteerd raken door de hoeveelheid representatie van zwarte mensen en tegelijkertijd geïntrigeerd zijn om meer over deze wereld werkelijkheid te komen. 

Voor wie is dit filmpje voornamelijk?

Dit filmpje is voornamelijk gericht op de Afro-Nederlander, omdat we hen willen bemoedigen meer van hun natuurlijke haar te houden en die met trots te dragen, maar ook meer kennis op te doen over de rijke geschiedenis van de zwarte mens. 

Komt er een deel 2? 

Er staat geen deel 2 op de planning, maar haar is een onlosmakelijk deel van onze (culturele)identiteit waardoor dit zeker terug zal komen in de toekomstige films die we maken. Vooralsnog zijn we filmstudenten aan de HKU in Utrecht, maar hebben we beiden een eigen YouTube kanaal: ROBIN RAMOS en KYMANI CEDER.

Zie hoofdartikel en video [klik hier]

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On the sixth of May, 2019 something horrifying happened. The Dutch lifestyle and fashion TV show allowed one of the cast members to make racist comments about Afro and kinky curly hair.

This exploded in a negative in all the news platforms and many if not all black and brown men and women were grossly offended. Robin Ramos (20) and Kymani Ceder (19) wrote a poem as a response. They used the poem as a positive representation by, from and for the Afro-Dutch community. The goal is to use the movie “The Crown” (De kroon) created by Robin and Kymani to create awareness and free the Black community from the chains of stereotyping of Afro hair.

Footage from the short film – de KROON

Robin and Kymani chose to form the video as a school assignment with a theme family.

Robin Ramos

Kymani Ceder

Using ‘Black hairstyles’ as a point gave them the inspiration to show different historical and tribal connotations involving Afro hair. In many cultures, it is still a way to be in contact with the ancestors. Besides braiding, is doing hair an activity done throughout time and has it has been a signature activity in black families.

The short film portrays a paradox time-machine with precolonial impressions. It takes you on a journey back to the age of where the traditional braids were used to connect the past with the present.

The movie is a re-enactment of history acted out by present-day Dutch Africans. How do Dutch Africans experience their African identity after the physical alienation that has taken place after slavery? How do they feel about their hair now? How do we feel during and after watching the short film?

Around 80 people were involved by the making of the short film: De Kroon. Some well-known artists and actors from the Dutch entertainment such as Sylvana Simons, Veronica van Hoogdalem, Digitzz, Clarice Gargard and Guillermo Babel.

Sylvana Simons & Robin Ramos

“De Kroon” is a poetic storyline about the relationship Afro Dutch citizens have with their natural hair and hairstyles. The Natural Hair movement is becoming more and more visible in the world. And we are loving it.

For all readers from the Netherlands: Want to read more about the backstory and behind the scenes, straight from the creator/inspirator of this video? click here

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Melanin Wonder

10 questions for the NEW male face of Melanin Wonder 2019



Two months ago melanin wonder had the coronation of the new male face of melanin wonder. The 1st runner up stepped in the shoes of Terence Munzemba, who unfortunately had to step down from his title, due to personal circumstances. We now proudly introduce the new male face of Melanin Wonder, Lester Wilson!

1. Who are you if u had to describe yourself? 

Who am I?! I think this is one of the hardest questions alive…. Hmm, I am someone who is growing and learning a lot, trying to find my balance, while I am exploring my talents as I go. I am a student of life, very conscious of myself and trying to be of everything around me. I am someone who has a lot of curiosity (which can be my biggest problem sometimes) but yeah, I love to get inspired by people and hope to inspire someone one day as well.

2. What is your heritage and age and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Rotterdam, but my parents are from the Caribbean. My mom is from St. Lucia and my dad is from Curacao. I am now 25 years old.

3. What are some of your biggest passions?

Good question… to start I have unconditional love for basketball, it is a sport where I fell in love with since watching the movie Space Jam for the first time, I think I was 6 or 7 years old at that time. But I started playing it when I was 16. To me it was an outlet, it was a way to express myself as an art form. The sport helped me a lot to grow as a person and it improved my health a lot, ball is life. Another great passion to me, besides basketball, is architecture, sometimes spaces and buildings can make you feel a certain way, some buildings somehow inspires me and architecture literally shapes the world, that´s what I like the most about it. I love creating or designing in general, whether its really making something out of nothing or writing, creating art or doing something with technology and innovation. I just love the respected fields of fine arts trying to find my fit.

4. Why did you apply for the face of Melanin Wonder?

Well, as I am exploring my talents, Melanin Wonder seemed like an amazing opportunity to grow as a model and to find other ways to express myself. It was an opportunity to expand my modeling portfolio and to gain more experience. I wanted to connect with more people, with more creatives to see where we can make some changes or make a difference.

5. What does the term melanin wonder mean to you personally?

Melanin Wonder, hmmm… When I think about it, to me it means, if I had to dissect both words, Melanin to me means directly, people with a bit of color, no matter what shade or tint they just got IT. And wonder I translate it to literally a wonder, a miracle, a unicorn or one of a kind. Just really WONDER-full and lovely.

6. How would your friends describe you?

I really don’t know haha but I think they would say that I will bring positive calm energy or very aware. But I don’t really know for sure.  

7. What are some of your favorite songs at the moment? 

Pfooeee. though one, at this moment I listen to a lot of underground/ up and coming artists, from rap to Hip Hop, R&B, etc. most of them in English, as long as it vibes I can listen to it. I listen to Dani Deleigh and Chris Brown easy, to Ty Dolla $ign and J.cole with purple emoji and just a whole lot more to name.

8. You have a startup, tell us more about it.

Yes, thank you for asking. The company name is Purpose. I want to create/develop smart mirrors to really add value to peoples lives. To help them focus on their Purpose in life and to provide them with tools which remind them of it. We focus on the people, the next leaders of today. We believe in changing the world starts with changing ourselves

9. How will Purpose impact the world?

We are going to change the world, we are not only developing a new tech product, a smart mirror, but we are building a movement around it. This is going to be a revolution in our daily lives and we will have an impact by directly trying to change the way we think about and view ourselves and the world around us. Follow us to understand the movement. With every step closer, everything will become clear.

10. What tips do you have for those who want to start a business in tech?

If you have a great idea that will benefit the people/world and/or, the earth or other living beings, go for it. Now tech is becoming and already is a big part of our daily lives, I find, that it should be an extension of our greater self, where we as humans are limited, technology and innovation take its place, but it should be in harmony with our existence. It must have a positive impact and it should suit/have a Purpose, (pun intended) 😛

Where can people find you? Social media handles! Linkedin?

People can find me on:

We are starting a new movement and where we want to create some changes starting with ourselves and I want everyone to join me

Lester Wilson
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