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Who is the popping UK artist Monique Lawz? She strives for Greatness!




Monique Lawz
Born in London UK of Jamaican heritage, Singer-Songwriter Monique Lawrence known by stage name Monique Lawz is on her way to international stardom. Making her musical introduction in 2015 Monique gave Musos a taste of who she is with the release of her single ‘ON’. Taken from the same titled debut EP via independent record label Gold Roar Music. The project featured production from Joey Dyer (Fancy- Iggy Azalea), Sampl and artist features from Ms Banks, Shystie, Johnson Orchid and Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter Kevin McCall. Fast forward to 2018 Monique has worked with multiple artists and producers, featured on UK’s Skrapz’s album, Lisa Mercedez’s EP & had various performances including DJ Target’s BBC 1XTRA Christmas Live Lounge special. Her latest release 4 Minutes produced by ATG Musick premiered by DJ Ace is a re-introduction to the World and already making waves, one that won’t be ignored.

When did you start singing?

I started singing ever since I could remember. To become better, I went to college and I learned how to use my voice practically. And I’ve had 1 or 2 vocal lessons which  teaches you how to use your voice properly. How to switch from head range to chest range.

Have you ever done talentshows?

Talentshows?! Never! Actually.. No I have not. I have done some auditions when I was still in school for a schoolplay. But that is as far as competitons go. I get really nervous when it comes to that.

Are you a family person?

Yes I am super family orientated. There is like a hundred of us. My grandma, 13 cousins, siblings left right and centre. I am all about family!

What or who is your fashion inspiration?




How do you get inspired for fashion?

Fashioninpsiration? I dont know really where it comes from. Jamaicans can be loud. Maybe that iswhy we like loud colors like yellow.




Who would you like to work with in the future?

I feel like I would like to work with anyone who would like to work with me. Because I dont feel like it is something you can force. So I am open to work with anybody. If anybody wants to work, and make dope music. Let’s go!

It is full of diversity!

Can we expect some new stuff from you soon?

I have a super dope song coming out with Demarco, who is a reggae artist. Should be out July or later. Depending on when you read this. I could already be out. But yea I have a super dope song coming out with him.

Where do you get your music inspiration from?

My inspiration is literally day to day. Sometime I do not know what is going on in my head. But some times in the moment I do know I need to get this out Now. While I am inspired and put it in a song.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years? That is a hard question. I mean apart from you know: the normal answer which people give. The hope to be succesful, healthy, to be with my family. I want to be in a good place with my family. Hitting a couple of stages all over the world I guess.



How do you deal with negative experiences? 

I feel like as a artist, or even as a dancer, designer or any type of creative. We can get lost in the creative world and forget that real life happens too. Every situation that happens in life even when it is negative, let it happen. Let is happen, let it evolve you. Allow yourself to be you and always keep pushing.

Because energy never lies


Is a platform like Melanin Wonder needed?

I believe it is so necessary that there is a platform that shows the world diversitiy. I dont think there is enough. But I do believe there will be in the next three years. There will be so much. Social media is in the forefront of eveything now. I am so excited for it.

Have you ever had negative comments thrown at you?

I think that it is one of those things to be honest: When i hear certain comments or I see certain comments. Certain people have tweets, not mentioning names. I feel sorry for them. Because I feel like it is not entirely their fault some of the time it can be ignorance passed down to them or under education. 

You know I try to not to fight fire with fire. you can not be aggressive with it. Try to understand the person.



How can we change the way some see themselves?

In order for that to happen. People need to come out of their comfort zone and know that we have a voice. We all have a phone or an android, we have voices. I believe we should use our platforms to influence other people, because we can. We can make a difference. Sometimes it just takes that one word or little bit of encouragement to make some elese speak on something that they thought that they would have been shammed for. People need to give each other confidence to make people speak out on what they believe in.

Up and coming artists that want to make it big in the music industry. First of al believe in yourself, believe in your own hype, believe that nobody is going to push for you as hard as you do.  Make sure you are making the music you really believe in. Because energy never lies. If you do not believe in what your are doing, other people are not going to believe in it. They are not feeling it if you don’t.  Always GO HARD GO HARD GO HARD. 

Even when you think you are going hard, go harder :D. 

The entertainment industry has changed so much over the years. It is not the same it will never be the same. Because there are so many new sounds. So many new people are creating new things themselves in their homes. It is not any more the typical: you have to go to the big studio to record. the vibe will be different. I am excited for where the industry is going now. It is full of diversity! So I am very excited to see where music is in a few years.


Idris Elba or Bo dereck hunter

Idris Elba but double tap Bo dereck ! haha is that allowed?


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Official Music Video ‘Defano Holwijn – Ownen (prod. Krankjoram & Sejaa)’ Stream or Download ‘Ownen’:


— Video credits: Shot by @2phoness — Producer credits: Producer: Krankjoram, Sejaa Associated Performer, Vocals: Defano Holwijn Composer: Défano Holwijn Author(s): Défano Holwijn — FOLLOW ME! | SOCIAL MEDIA SNAPCHAT: kidkidguapo.…

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Wale – Flawed (feat. Gunna)




Wale - Flawed (feat. Gunna)

“Flawed” feat. Gunna out now: Directed by Joseph Desrosiers & Melissa Forde

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AFIA is a singer-songwriter living in the Netherlands with roots From Ghana. AFIA means Friday, the day ..she was born.

She prides herself carrying this name as her artist name, as she carries her heritage with pride. She is an advocate of promoting your true and pure self, unapologetically. And this includes, using your native name.

Her music has always been her outlet, where she expressed her thoughts about healing and resistance against racism & sexism.

She wrote her song Determined in april 2020, shortly after lockdown started. Little did she know that within the next 3 months, the world would be going through a revolution, with the Black lives Matter movement taking over the world. All while giving us a flashback in time, back to the civil rights movement in the USA in the times of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. But this time it became a worldwide movement!

The message in her song, couldn’t be any more relevant for today as it is now!

Her goal with this song is to empower people to be Determined in succeeding in their wildest dreams and to not wait for a seat at the table but to create their own table!

Put yourself first and create your own destiny and be DETERMINED!

DETERMINED,  a published piece straight from the heart. For everyone who is systemically facing resistance: may it be your anthem, may you dwell in it, may you wrap these words around you like a cloth of protection. I am proud of you, you are amazing, happiness is for you and you deserve all the love that is coming to you! You will get there. Stay determined, loves. ♥️” – AFIA

Follow AFIA on Instagram: @afiaxhealing


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