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Get to know Mister Grand Suriname Marvin Halden, he tells it all!



My name is Marvin Quincy Halden. I was born in Paramaribo the capital of the beautiful Suriname. I am from Creole descent and I am 33 years old. I was born on the Dutch ‘Bevrijdingsdag’ on the fifth of May 1984. My late mother is Alexandra Mohamed and my father is Johan Frits Halden. My parents created two kids, myself and my little brother. I have more siblings on my fathers side. Broertje.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about fashion, modeling work, clothing and style. I love the different developments in these branches and how we as a people handle these developments.

What is your profession?

I am the director and owner of MOSNetwerk which is a company revolving around creating and working together with various fashion talents in Suriname. This has been established to promote the models nationally and internationally. Other than this am I also an international model, media influencer and a mens’ clothing ambassador.

red artistic picture

red artistic picture

How did you get where you are now?

I have always had a passion for the modeling world. I used to watch fashion shows like Style fashion shows. I signed a contract with a modeling agency about twelve years ago in Suriname, I came across them through a workshop they hosted back then. Due to my study I was not able to work on modeling full time. The modeling has picked up more because I have been further exploring my modeling skills by doing fashion shows, joining training and accumulating experience over the past few years. I have had some set backs but they were necessary and made me the person I am today. I will not give up and I will always pursue my personal goals that I have set for myself.

What is your favorite quote?

“Believe in yourself and never give up!”

“Focus on what you want in life and make it your passion.”


What advise do you have for the new generation of models and misses?

I would advise them to have a ‘hands on’ mentality. Also is it important to evaluate and check whether you are ready for the modeling world or not. Also be sure that you fit the modeling criteria to prevent any disappointments.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I see myself abroad and being one of the most famous and best paying Suriname dark skin male model. A pageant contender and some who owns and runs his own company and successful.

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

Yes I sure do. I always have something to do. Since the beginning of this year I have been going to the gym more often. I do not only do that to look good but also to stay fit. This due to the fact that I am always busy with many things at a time and it requires a fit body to handle all of that. A healthy lifestyle is my number 1 priority. Also do I swim once or twice a month. Some other hobbies I have are: running, dancing, reading, watching TV, taking a walk and checking the internet.

My favorite colors are bright colors

My favorite colors are bright colors

What does Melanin mean to you?

Beautiful black people who inspire others to follow their dreams.

Do you think a Melanin Wonder Platform is necessary?

Of course, it is important because readers may get an understanding that every person has a different story and different experiences in life.

What is your favourite fashion trend or style at the moment?

Colorful clothing with matching accessories are my favorite. I always call myself a personal trendsetter; because I always try to distinguish myself from others by wearing something unique or different than the ordinary. I like to push others to dare to wear clothes that are more out there than the regular fashion.


Light green picture taken in Suriname

Light green picture taken in Suriname

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Drake – Started from the Bottom

What Melanin Wonder do you look up to in the fashion world?

Tyson Beckford because of his imprint in the modeling world and the chances he grabbed and became international. He is still one of the top models in his cetegory which I admire. Naomi Campbell, because she is the Catwalk Queen  and the Icon she has become in the fashion world.

What are your social media handles?

Marvin Halden

Marvin Halden


My message to everyone out there : "Do everything you like and love with passion. Be humble, positive, open minded,
work hard and try to be the best version of yourself everyday and a lot of doors will open for you."



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New collection of Daily Paper is dedicated to Mauritius’ ecosystem



Daily Paper is committed to Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, with a new collection. Their ecosystem is under a lot of pressure due to the climate crisis, according to the brand, which is why they want to stand up for the preservation of their nature.

Protect Paradise

Mauritius is known for its turquoise lagoons, volcanoes and subtropical rain forests: the island is home to countless birds, monkeys and reptiles. Yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep nature intact – it is precisely in places like this that climate change is very noticeable, writes Daily Paper in a press release. That’s why their new collection Protect Paradise revolves entirely around the conservation of Mauritius, and why the brand is donating part of the proceeds to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Protect Paradise

New Daily Paper collection

Daily Paper was inspired by the ‘lush nature’ of the island, and the endless drive of its inhabitants to keep their homes intact. The collection consists of several summer items, from bucket hats to matching sets with rainforest prints. There are also sweaters and bags in the warm, earthy tones of the island’s volcanoes.


The collection is produced with eco-materials, and manufactured through sustainable production methods. All jerseys consist of 100% organic cotton, and are printed with natural dyes. The labels are also sustainable and biodegradable. You can view the entire collection here.







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Easy Headwraps by AfricanFabs is the game-changer for Natural Hair



After almost 20 months of working from home and cocooning, we now have the possibility to show our faces more on the job, in office or in class. This means, waking up at 06:30, getting dressed and ready for the day. This also means, doing our hair!

You might have done your braids, wigs or other protective hairstyles on a daily. But what if you don’t have time to do your hair? Or what if you finally wanted to focus on your hair growth journey in peace ( ZOOM camera off – new hairstyle loading..). Or maybe you just want to look fresh on your first day back in the office, matching your new head-wrap, with your cute blazer and customised key-cord.

Say no more, we got you!

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door AfricanFabs (@african_fabs)

African Headwraps by AfricanFabs is the game changer for you

Headwraps are not just a fashion statement, it also supports your hair journey. What we love about AfricanFabs headwraps is that it is satin lined. This protects your hair and facilitates the effectiveness of hair oils, creams and minerals.

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door AfricanFabs (@african_fabs)

Not just for daytime but also for nighttime

We know it, you have had dozens of scenarios waking up to find your hairnet or headscarf on the floor the next morning. Fear not, because these satin lined bonnets will secure your locks! You can go for the classic black bonnet but also choose to color match your bonnet with your nightwear, from colorful Kente print to monotone red, blue and more..





















Can’t tie a headwrap? This Quick & Easy satin lined headwrap tutorial will change your life! Look stylish and elegant with only a few easy steps to tie this headwrap.



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Valentine Rontez shares knowledge




Who is Valentine Rontez?

My full name is Valentine Rontez. I identified myself as African-America for most of my life, until I did some soul searching. My Ancestors are from Benin-Togo Africa. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, United States.

How did you become a model?

After getting fired from my Doorman job at the Gucci Store on 5th avenue New York I went through a depression and felt lost. My sister took some of my Facebook photos and posted them on,

I then received a message from Jahn Hall (photographer) who was interested in shooting me. We took “Beauty shots” in his stairwell & his warehouse studio. After working with Jahn I rushed to New Jersey to shoot with my good friend Christopher Horne.

While there Jahn contacted me and told me Sean Bennett from Specimen Model Management wanted to represent me. I sent Sean my polaroids and from there he scheduled meetings all around NYC to meet with different agencies. I was declined, but Sean had saved the best for last.

“Firstly, I found God & built my faith & courage with his promises as my meditation.”

I met the casting director Michelle Lee who was casting for Calvin Klein, there she trained me and taught me how to walk the runway. I found a side gig doing catering incase the door for modeling did not open. Later that day at work, Sean called me with surprising news that I was confirmed for a Calvin Klein exclusive contract in Milan Italy for fashion week. IMG was then interested in signing me.

If you had to describe your road to success in 5 steps, which 5 steps would that be?

Firstly, I found God & built my faith & courage with his promises as my meditation.

I needed to love & accept myself, to embrace the fact that I am a perfect imperfection.

Develop perseverance & a hard work ethic.

Practicing good sleep and eating healthy was a major culprit for my mindfulness.

Remain humble in balance with knowing your self worth.

How did you get the idea to make a video about showing people how to model?

I get countless of direct messages from people all over the world young boys & girls 15 – 40 asking for advice. Most have the dream but do not know where to get started. I replied to as many as I could on a daily. Then I decided to make a video because visuals work better then words.

How is life living as a model?

Modeling allowed me to focus on what my soul desires and visit places in the world I would have never imagined I would be. I have had the opportunity to meet so many inspirations that expand my mind to new dimensions. Although I am not much of a night life person parties overseas are extremely fun.

What are some of the downsides of being a model that people never talk about?

The uncertainty of anything. Anything could happen and if your looks a re not desired in the business that means business stops for you as well.

The basics of becoming a model
The basics of becoming a model PART 2.0

Would you ever design your own clothes?

 Yes! I am currently manifesting that. It would be great to have an own fashion collection.

We are obsessed with YOU-TUBE what are some of your favorite You-tubers to watch?

Haha I LOVE youtube after midnight. I watch comedy to inspirational videos. All-def-digital’s dad jokes are dry but hilarious to me. Jimmy Kimmel, Infinite waters (mindfulness), I listen to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Gary V, & The Art of improvement for motivation. I am obsessed with lions and kitty cats weirdly so sometimes I wander there and get lost.

What are some of your favorite artists and songs u listen to?

I love any and all classical music. My favorite artist right now are Jay-Z, Peter Collins, A-Boogie, Kodak Black, J cole, Alicia Keys & Amine.

My favorite Song of Peter Collins

Where can we find you?

I can be found & reached on IG @x.valentine & Facebook “Valentine Rontez

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Swelia Da Silva Antonio has been crowned Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020 by a Professional jury led by the 12 Months of Beauty organization. The lucky winner was chosen on November 8th in Amsterdam.

As titleholder Swelia represents the Netherlands at the international final of Miss Supranational 2020/2021 in Poland, one of the top 5 largest international beauty pageants in the world.

The brand new Miss Supranational Netherlands is euphoric about her win..

“I love standing here and wearing the crown. It really is an honor to represent the Netherlands later on, and to be able to compete and promote our values. Before this time comes, I would like to dedicate myself to stake the culture of tolerance to flow down to the capillaries of society.” – Swelia

Photo: Johnny ten Have, Crown: BaroQco, Makeup: Seductive Glamor, Hair: Addict Haarlem

Also the CEO’s of the 12 Months of Beauty organization and licensees of various miss- and mister pageants, Robin and Stefan Hoven Lieuw Choy react enthusiastically to the results of the jury panel:

“Her power of persuasion is very strong, which for many will be a source of  inspiration. That’s what we’re looking for; women who stand up for what they believe in!”

– Robin and Stefan

The 23-year-old Miss wants to give the Black Lives Matter movement in the Netherlands a new dimension, by using her title to advocate for a stronger position of Afro-Dutch women in society. During her pitch she emphasized this goal:

“We have a culture of tolerance, a notion that we must constantly sustain. My effort is to dedicate my title and my crown to ameliorate the position of black women in Dutch society. I believe that 2020 came for positive change. From the ground up, we will upgrade.” 

Photo: Johnny ten Have, Crown: BaroQco, Makeup: Seductive Glamor, Hair: Addict Haarlem

Swelia believes in the strength of unity and association, therefore, both factors will be central to her efforts to attach weight to her crown. In addition to being a Miss, Swelia is also a Master’s student in Public Administration and Ambassador of Education for the Black Ladies Talk organization.

This real beauty and brains of own soil gives substance to her qualities by entering into collaborations from model to guest at the table, the list goes on and on.

With this ‘from the ground up’ mentality, Swelia also wants to bag in the international crown.

Follow and support Swelia through social media, on Instagram she is ‘@a_la_swelia’ and on Facebook ‘Swelia Da Silva Antonio’.

Propositions and questions are welcome at the address of [ To the attention of :Robin and Stefan ] always mentioning Miss Supra NL 2020.



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