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Get to know Mister Grand Suriname Marvin Halden, he tells it all!



My name is Marvin Quincy Halden. I was born in Paramaribo the capital of the beautiful Suriname. I am from Creole descent and I am 33 years old. I was born on the Dutch ‘Bevrijdingsdag’ on the fifth of May 1984. My late mother is Alexandra Mohamed and my father is Johan Frits Halden. My parents created two kids, myself and my little brother. I have more siblings on my fathers side. Broertje.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about fashion, modeling work, clothing and style. I love the different developments in these branches and how we as a people handle these developments.

What is your profession?

I am the director and owner of MOSNetwerk which is a company revolving around creating and working together with various fashion talents in Suriname. This has been established to promote the models nationally and internationally. Other than this am I also an international model, media influencer and a mens’ clothing ambassador.

red artistic picture

red artistic picture

How did you get where you are now?

I have always had a passion for the modeling world. I used to watch fashion shows like Style fashion shows. I signed a contract with a modeling agency about twelve years ago in Suriname, I came across them through a workshop they hosted back then. Due to my study I was not able to work on modeling full time. The modeling has picked up more because I have been further exploring my modeling skills by doing fashion shows, joining training and accumulating experience over the past few years. I have had some set backs but they were necessary and made me the person I am today. I will not give up and I will always pursue my personal goals that I have set for myself.

What is your favorite quote?

“Believe in yourself and never give up!”

“Focus on what you want in life and make it your passion.”


What advise do you have for the new generation of models and misses?

I would advise them to have a ‘hands on’ mentality. Also is it important to evaluate and check whether you are ready for the modeling world or not. Also be sure that you fit the modeling criteria to prevent any disappointments.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I see myself abroad and being one of the most famous and best paying Suriname dark skin male model. A pageant contender and some who owns and runs his own company and successful.

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

Yes I sure do. I always have something to do. Since the beginning of this year I have been going to the gym more often. I do not only do that to look good but also to stay fit. This due to the fact that I am always busy with many things at a time and it requires a fit body to handle all of that. A healthy lifestyle is my number 1 priority. Also do I swim once or twice a month. Some other hobbies I have are: running, dancing, reading, watching TV, taking a walk and checking the internet.

My favorite colors are bright colors

My favorite colors are bright colors

What does Melanin mean to you?

Beautiful black people who inspire others to follow their dreams.

Do you think a Melanin Wonder Platform is necessary?

Of course, it is important because readers may get an understanding that every person has a different story and different experiences in life.

What is your favourite fashion trend or style at the moment?

Colorful clothing with matching accessories are my favorite. I always call myself a personal trendsetter; because I always try to distinguish myself from others by wearing something unique or different than the ordinary. I like to push others to dare to wear clothes that are more out there than the regular fashion.


Light green picture taken in Suriname

Light green picture taken in Suriname

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Drake – Started from the Bottom

What Melanin Wonder do you look up to in the fashion world?

Tyson Beckford because of his imprint in the modeling world and the chances he grabbed and became international. He is still one of the top models in his cetegory which I admire. Naomi Campbell, because she is the Catwalk Queen  and the Icon she has become in the fashion world.

What are your social media handles?

Marvin Halden

Marvin Halden


My message to everyone out there : "Do everything you like and love with passion. Be humble, positive, open minded,
work hard and try to be the best version of yourself everyday and a lot of doors will open for you."


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The Face of Melanin Wonder 2020 competition – The Next Generation



On the 1st of March, the 9 finalists of ‘The Face of Melanin Wonder 2020’ had their official photoshoot on the Damsquare in Amsterdam.

In groups of 3, the finalists put their best pose forward. The final pictures are being used for the second online voting competition. The points of these votes will be added to the final points of 18 March 2020 #GrandFinale.

Gavin Dalusung, Shanice Djemesi , Destin Makiesse.
Photo by: Salman Lartey
Sponso: Vintage Island
MUA: Tania Isaac & Muni Creations

Tyra Cesar, Joann Meerzorg, Christianity Hasselbaink
Photo by: Salman Lartey
Sponsor: SoPR
Mua: Brendolien AV & Muni Creations

Bryan Okello, Chantal Bakker, Winanda Pinas
Photo by: Salman Lartey
Sponsor: SoPR
MUA: Brendolien AV

The Grand Finale of the Face of Melanin Wonder shall be held in Amsterdam at the EFE Venue.

If you want to be part of the big happening and want to support your favorite, then don’t hesisate to buy your tickets online, before they’re sold out.

Be there or be squared! #FaceOfMelaninWonder2020

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Finalists ‘Face of Melanin Wonder 2020’



Last weekend, on the 8th of February 2020, Melanin Wonder held its casting at the EFE venue in Amsterdam. After a lot of online entries, they shortlisted 30 models to come at the casting.

Out of these 30 candidates, the’ve chosen the top 13. These are the contestants that are in the running to become ‘The Face of Melanin Wonder 2020 – the next generation’:

Winanda Pinas, Gavin Dalsung, Nyawal ter Jour, Shanice Djemesi, Tesley Hooi, Christel Rodriguez, Chantal Bakker, Bryan Okello, Jeffery Loewenicht, Joann Meerzorg, Destin Makiesse and Christianity Fonseca.

Keep an eye on our socials and website, voting round starts anytime soon.

#FaceOfMelaninWonder2020 #NextGeneration #Amsterdam #Netherlands

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Afro-Dutch Beauty first to represent The Netherlands in the Miss Eco Netherlands 2020



Miss Eco Netherlands 2020 captured by Mantiz Photography

Stephanie Omogun is the new Miss Avantgarde 2019 and will be a finalist at the Miss Eco International 2020 competition in Egypt.

Mantiz Photography

Miss Eco International is an International Beauty competition that brings together representatives of different cultures and traditions from all over the world. Its main objective is to promote the importance of saving our planet environmentally in addition to marketing tourism across the world.
This competition focuses on the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of all the candidates that represent all the countries from all over the world.


Stephanie Omogun receiving her Finalist sash



Our very own Melanin Wonder founder Stephanie Omogun has been awarded the title of Miss Avantgarde 2019!!!

Stephanie winning the Miss Avantgarde 2019 Title as a black woman – Duane van der Geld as photographer

The Miss Avantgarde is more than just a Beauty Contest for the Netherlands. According to the pageant details the contest focuses on art, creativity, promotes awareness in fields of the environment and sustainability. The awarded recipients are also given the opportunity to advance their career in the areas of modelling, photography and the fashion world.

Some of the categories are extremely unique to the competition. In the Fashion Category, the contestant works with a fashion designer who makes an outfit from recyclable materials.

Photo: Duane van der Geld

Stephanie is the second Melanin Beauty to win the competition. The First Melanin Beauty was Mariana Pietersz in 2016.

Stephanie’s modeling and previous pageant history has prepared her for this moment. She will be the first Afro-Dutch woman to represent the Netherlands in the Miss Eco International competition next year.

She was recently a pageant contender in the Miss World NL in 2018 as well.

Melanin Wonder is extremely proud of this accomplishment by Stephanie.

We are honoured to say that she was awarded the title of Miss Avantgarde 2019! She will directly continue to represent the Netherlands in Egypt and meet Miss Eco Finalists from all over the world!

Congratulations Stephanie Omogun! Hard work pays off!!

Go follow her Facebook Page Stephlike to keep tabs on what she is up to next!

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