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Latiesha Olive shares the SECRETS of Butters, Moisture & hair growth.

Latiesha Olive - Photo by: Always Divine Photography (Jennifer Mosley)



Latiesha Olive
Photo by: Always Divine Photography (Jennifer Mosley)

About Latiesha, the woman behind ‘Beautiful Natural Curls’!

Latiesha was constantly getting questions about her hair. Not just from women but men too. So she decided to make a channel to educate on the proper way to care for natural hair. She recently went back to school for cosmetology to be able to educate better, and just graduated with Honors in September 2018. Latiesha vlogs about beauty, lifestyle , fashions , hair products and her faith.

Haircare products that every black woman needs in her house

Products can be tricky because everything doesn’t work for all hair types. That’s honestly the main frustration of people who I speak to, about their hair. My suggestion is to start with moisturizing products starting from Shampooing ,Conditioning, Deep Conditioning and Leave in Conditioner. This is the base of any style that you do. If your hair is not moisturized and nourished at this  state your style is not going to have the proper results.

Latiesha’s favourite top 5 hair products!

My hair loves butters and moisture because I’m prone to dryness. Some lines that I love are Deva Curl, Vanessa’s Essence, Product Junkie Naturals, Curl Smiler and My Fluffy Puffs. These are some lines that really cater to the hair from the research behind the ingredients and the type of products they have available.

What is the best way to grow our hair?

What are the best protective hairstyles?

Twist outs and braid outs are my favorites because you can wear the twists or braids until you’re ready to take them down giving you 2 styles in 1.

Latiesha Olive
Latiesha Olive
Photo by: Always Divine Photography (Jennifer Mosley)

What are the most damaging hairstyles and hair products?

I like braids, wigs, and weaves but I feel like we haven’t been properly educated on maintenance of our hair and sometimes these styles give more damage to the hair. To combat that make sure that your hair is properly treated before the style. That way you are insuring that your hair is in the healthiest state beforehand.

Some of the most damaging products are products that aren’t being used properly. Example; nothing wrong with a gel but you should have a moisturizer applied before to combat the dryness that the gel may give your hair. It’s all in the education of the hair and products.

What technique is the best to create bouncing curls in our hair?

The best way to achieve bouncy curls is really based on the what way the hair is styled.

For a wash and go- do the shingling method to make sure the product is on every curl and allow the hair to dry completely. Use a curling custard product (that has the hold of a gel and a styler together. Super Stretch by DevaCurl is a product like that).

Flexi rods is another style that can achieve curls like that. Use foam when styling to achieve light flowing curls.

Latiesha Olive

What is the biggest myth about hair colouring & hair straightening?

The biggest myth about hair coloring;

The biggest myth is that you will reach the lightest color in one application. That would be so damaging to the hair. There are levels ranging from 1 to 10. 1 being the darkest. 10 being the lightest. When you lift the hair using bleach and developer you don’t know what shade the hair will lift and how fast. Over-processing leads to severe damage.

Have a stylist who will take care of your hair and lift the hair properly. Most naturals hair has to be lifted (bleached) for the color to deposit. Box colours contain some form of lifting agents in them, not properly used can damage the hair.

Biggest myth about hair straightening;

The hair won’t revert back to curly. Not true. Heat protectant is a must when straightening the hair. Also making sure you are using a good moisturizing product when shampooing and conditioning. I recommend Design essential products or Silk Out System when doing thermal( heat styles).


You can find her at Beautiful Natural Curls on YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest

Bnaturalcurls on Instagram Snapchat and Twitter

Website coming soon

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The First Friday Drink to be this MELLOW! The Melanated Friday Drink



New Concept in Town

Have you ever thought about what to do on a Friday? Maybe after a long work week? Looking for something to do but you do not feel like clubbing? Two young African men have found a solution for your Friday evening fun cravings.

Cedrick & Trésor – Founders

They were missing something in the scene of young adults and the “vrijmibo” scene the Dutch have here in the Netherlands. Trésor and Cedrick created a concept where you can unwind, be yourself and enjoy some of the latest hit songs.

It gives you a party vibe with a laid back feel and a chance to have good food and play Games with loads of Prizes. The Melanated Friday drink called Mellow.


Mellow brand created by Cedric and Tresor


It is a fresh and new concept where African vibes are mixed with the laid-back Friday night drink without feeling like you are going to a club.

Mellow fills up the night with fun people, dope music, fun games and amazing cocktails at the bar. It has had 4 successful Mellow Fridays where EVERYONE feels welcome. It’s high time you join the Mellow community they have created in the city of Amsterdam


Mellow Guests

The faces behind Mellow

Cedric has a full time job and decided that in the weekend he needed time to unwind and have some drinks with some friends. He also claims, if this concept was not his he would be chilling at Mellow once a month anyway. He feels that more people like him are looking for a way to relax on Friday.




Trésor works full time as well and also has skills being a DJ. To play music at events, parties and birthdays to make everyone feel good and join the dancefloor to show their latest moves.

Trésor Boungard (29)

What are you doing on a Friday night? U might as well join the Mellow movement and have fun with The melanated Friday drink crew.


Mellow has actually been created on a whim, the two men thought of a name, created a logo and just went with the flow. And they were received with open arms! All editions were full, full with people of all walks of life and no one is excluded. Come and feel the Afro vibe and the dancing spirits at Mellow.


Cedrick Mambi (31)
Unwind at Mellow

Melanated Friday Drink

What to expect: a live band or live music, this is one of the unique quirks of these Mellow nights. The live music brings a different and authentic vibe you cannot find anywhere else.

The Main base of Mellow has shifted to the Good hangout Café in Amsterdam. This where you can  find the future Mellow: the melanated Friday drinks. You will have the chance to chat with your friends or colleagues with the latest Afro beats by DJ Sortré90. But you can also slide by to meet new people, you might find friends for life or the love of your life. Who knows, anything is possible with Mellow: The Melanated Friday drink.

This the event to watch! They just started in January 2019 and are already the talk of the month! According to the two men their legacy will grow into a big brand under which they will plan many more Friday drinks, parties and possible other events and maybe even game nights wit dope prizes! Keep an eye on them because they are a force to be reckoned with!

Event to watch! mark our words!

For social media handle Go Like their Facebook and Instagram Page to be the First to know about their next event! 

Entry is FREE so there is no excuse to not be there! Friday the 25th of October is the PLACE to be!

See you at the next event!

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Let’s talk about food with foodie Tamoy Stewart!



Name: Tamoy (IG: Tamiistew) – ( Food Content Producer) 

My name is Tamoy Stewart and I am an International Student from Jamaica! I moved to Philadelphia in 2016 to study Culinary Arts and since then I have been inching closer to what it is I wish to do. I hope to hone in on my skills as a Food Content Producer and an aspiring Recipe Developer.

You are a food content creator, where did your passion for food come from?

My passion for food stemmed from watching my father prepare meals for me and my sister. I would follow him around the kitchen, helping him out as his little sous chef. Everything he did, I would ask him, “Why?”, “What?” or “How?” Thinking about it now, I’m laughing because I was probably annoying but he never showed an ounce of annoyance though, so it kept me interested (Thanks Dad!). As my curiosity grew I started to make my own creations; Most of which as a child was not necessarily edible but eventually I got the hang of it and things were looking up. I then decided I loved it enough to study it.

Tamoy Stewart

What does a food content creator do and for whom do you create content for?

As a food content producer, I am constantly looking for new ways to engage my audience. So I do quite a lot of research to find out what it is that Foodies love to read about and see on their social media. This summer, I look forward to actually diving deeper into producing content on my website [] that will be entertaining and interesting to ALL foodies!

If you could describe yourself as a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

Gerelateerde afbeelding

If I could describe myself using a fruit, I would have to say a Pineapple because I like taking risks and trying new things. Likewise, a Pineapple is actually pretty versatile in its use. From something savory like Shrimp-Pineapple Kabobs to something sweet like a Pineapple Upside-down Cake. I just really like pineapples because they’re good with almost anything… Including pizza. Don’t judge me.

What is your favorite meal/snack?

My favorite meal is a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish called Ackee and Saltfish which is also the national dish of my country. Ackee is a fruit but in Jamaica it is prepared with salted codfish. It is usually served with popular foods in Jamaica such as fried breadfruit, fried festivals or Johnny Cake. If I could eat it every day I would! There was a time when I did that actually.

Ackee and saltfish Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Which food do you detest the most?

I don’t like turnips. I just can’t get around to the taste, texture or smell. I’m sure if you hid it in my food really well though, I could probably have it.

Where is the best place to go out for dinner on a date?

I would definitely have to say Scannicchio’s, located in South Philadelphia. I have been to other restaurants since then and it has by far, been my favorite experience. Its very friendly and homely atmosphere, coupled with the energy of the people who work their help to create that very authentic Italian feeling. The best part was, of course, the food! I plan on visiting there again sometime soon.

What is the secret to a perfect instafood picture?

Lighting and Color! I think lighting is the most important aspect to consider in any photo. But for an instafood picture, color is just as important. A lot of people eat with their eyes first so It is essential for the colors in the picture to pop. That way, when people are scrolling through their feed, it stands out.

Is it possible to eat food that is healthy and delicious at the same time?

Yes! It is. As a Culinary Arts student, one of my goals is to create recipes that are fun, healthy and delicious all at the same time. Thankfully, we live in a world where people are becoming more health conscious and are engaging in new recipe ideas. However, there is still a large number of people who are skeptical of anything that seems remotely healthy because they associate health with “bad taste”.

Who is your biggest example / which foodie do you follow religiously?

My favorite foodie right now is Deliciously Ella on Instagram (@deliciouslyella). I like her because she merges her interest in food with her personal life and doesn’t mind sharing with her followers.

You have a platform named insatiable foodies, what is the page/website all about and what is the meaning behind the name?

The word Insatiable means “impossible to satisfy.” The whole idea of Insatiable Foodies is to create a space where people’s interest in everything concerning food will never subside. My aim is to create a platform where people from different backgrounds and interests can share their food stories, ideas and food trends. I want it to also be an educational experience as well, where we can talk about serious issues such as lifestyle diseases and how food may play a part of that.

Facebook: Insatiable Foodies

Instagram: @Insatiablefoodies


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Amara La Negra – The breakthrough Afro-Latina Star



    Billboard 2018

Who is Amara La Negra?

Diana Danelys De Los Santos , better known as Amara La Negra is the latest Latina Breakthrough star known from the reality tv series Love & Hip Hop Miami. This Afro-Latina beauty is 27 years young and has her roots in the Domenican Republic.

Her stage name, “Amara La Negra” is simply to be translated to: Amara the Black woman. Her name is actually a tribute to her Afro-Latina heritage.

Amara was raised by a single mother who emigrated to the US to give her child a better life. As a single mother she did her best to provide as she had 5 jobs to make a living. But just like her mother , Amara was working hard to make her dreams come true , she has always been an entertainer since she was a child , she always had the passion for singing and dancing.


Amara’s message to the world!

Amara made her debut on the international screen on the Love & Hip Hop Miami reality series. Love & Hip Hop Miami premiered on 1 january 2018. The show focuses on 8 main cast members, including Amara La Negra. During this season Amara’s storyline became a story that caught the public’s attention. She and Young Hollywood came in an altercation about the definition of the term ‘Afro-Latina’ and how a person should or shouldn’t look like as an Afro-Latina.

The thing that drives her spirit is to see more Afro-Latino’s positively represented on television in the entertainment industry and amongs the general public, inside and outside of the Latino community. She also roots for the Afro-Latin people to feel less ashamed about who they are and to embrace the fact that they are AFRO-Latin and that they are beautiful and fine just the way they were born, with the dark skin and the Afro/Curly hair.

Amara is currently working on her new music video for her new single ‘INSECURE’ . The single will debute on the 10th of april on YouTube/VEVO. Have a sneak peak below!

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