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The Faces Of Melanin Wonder 2021

Engaging & captivating

Winanda is the girl for your commercial fashion brand, all girls can see themselves in her with her approachable yet fierce look. Behind the beauty, there is also an inspiring voice, ready to teach you about financial freedom and entrepreneurship within the black hair domain.

Fashion is in his veigns

Ruben is the male model who will complete your fashion brand. The perfect posture, cheekbones, and the right amount of suave. He is eloquent in speech and stage presence, and he doesn’t shy away to speak to inspire, motivate or allure the viewers.

Your dancer

Afranina is your girl, when in need of a creative partner for dancing in your commercials or music video’s.She has a degree in pedagogy, which is her profession. This melaninwonder uses this knowledge to educate and inspire the younger generation.

She captures the moment and the attention of the public like no other.

Model & Influencer and presenter

Nina is an experienced model, specialized in commercial ad campaigns for fashion and beauty. With her stellar record as a beauty queen, she has built a strong presence on stage for presenting and public speaking as well. Beauty and brains, a total package.




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