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Mr Grogo To the world Bound to be Successful Beyond Measure!



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Gideon Agyenim Boateng (owner of Grogo), I am 23 years old and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I grew up In Ghana, in Kumasi to be precise.

I came from a lovely christian and hardworking family but started schooling and became friends with rich families who were far more wealthy than I was.

This changed my perspective and made me hungry for success and the grind towards this type of wealth.

I love my parents and they provided enough resources but I was still so hungry for luxury stuffs and the luxurious lifestyle. So my plans changed!

What are you passionate about?

  • My relationship with God;
  • Family, health and the few friends I have;
  • Fashion and
  • My DREAMS.

Besides Grogo what else do you do?

I am currently a student at the ‘Hogeschool’ in Belgium studying International Business Studies.

How long have you been designing?

I started designing my own suits around May 2017.


Skyrocketing business Grace of God suitsupply

Skyrocketing business Grace of God suitsupply


Do you feel like you always had the support you needed from your surroundings?

No, I never did have that kind of support. I told a lot of people about starting something involving fashion and no one was ready to invest with their money.

However, there were some great men who sat down with me and gave me some guidelines for support.

A lot of people were not there to support but there to hate but with God and the few people I have on my side, my support system we will be able to send the brand across the world.

Describe the first suit you ever made.

The first suit I ever made was a nice one but it was not without risk. I was introducing a new and original style of suits and had I had to produce them in large quantities.

Not a lot of people were familiar with my style but it came out very good but I was not able to satisfy everyone’s needs especially those who love classic wears.

So I kept on grinding and thinking about better designs.


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

With these crazy challenges in this world now a days I am not at all afraid to see it the way I want it to be.

I see my brand as one of the best most fashionable brands in the world  and I will be well-known. My parents would never be working anymore, I will help my family as much as I can and give them chance to live out their dreams too.

I will live and enjoy my life with my true friends; give back to my community and society and help everyone who had a part to my successful life.

Oh yeah, if not being a millionaire or billionaire I would love to be getting near there or in that journey. Lets do this!!!!

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

I used to love playing football but I stopped because I did not feel like it no more.

My current hobby is staying hungry for my dreams.

What does Melanin mean to you?

Melanin to me is are the supreme and unique creations of my black people and what we are made of but the world sometimes tries to let us forget our value.

Melanated people are or the kings and queens to me.

What tips do you have for designers that are just starting out?

Without commitment you can never start and even more important; without consistency you can never finish.

Easy is a greater threat to greatness than hardship. They should remember; no one got you in this world other than yourself. Making your dream into a reality is your voice – yes your voice can do that.

I also just started business and had very much struggles but even in my losses I am still winning. So we still have be thirsty for the dream and never stop until we get there.

Our success will be our voice so we have to make it happen any way. We find a way for it to happen or we create a way.

We are the dream chasers.

Do you think a Melanin Wonder Platform is necessary?

Yes most definitely! Don’t ever stop this Melanin Wonder! There are a lot of people waiting for your awareness and your powerful impact.

If you give up on that you will definitely see the side effect of it!

Do you think there is enough diversity in the suit supply world?

Yes, there is really a lot of diversity in the suit supply world. You follow what is there or you create your own lane.

There is always space for everyone.

What Melanin Wonder do you look up to in the fashion/business world?

Puff Daddy! I love this man. I love his way of life and how he inspires and motivates others.

I love his lifestyle and the way he dresses is bomb. I have dreamed of meeting him as long as I can remember or him wearing my brand and I will make that happen one day.

Gideon Boateng in Grogo Suit supply

Gideon Boateng in Grogo Suit supply

Maybe sooner than we think. But all of it is in Gods hands, Gods timing is best and I love his timing.

I have been laughed at, shouted at, left alone and experienced a lot of betrayal, loss and pains but I’m not scared to lose anymore.

The before mentioned made me the way I am. I do not have any money, I only have my God and my confidence to work anytime for what is mine.

The successful people are those who are able to build something from scratch.

One day I will tell my story I will then look at my past and the journey of owning a brand and working a lot on it.

Everybody out there can do better than I am doing. It is all by the Grace of God which us also the meaning of GroGo. That is where that abbreviation comes from.

Lets do thissss! Melanin wonders ahead!” –  Gideon Agyenim Boateng



Grogo on his grind

Grogo on his grind


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Fabian Willems The new Managing Director of Melanin Wonder





Melanin Wonder is proud to announce that our new Managing Director will be Fabian Willems (47). Fabian will be a core contributor into leading Melanin Wonder to greater heights. He is a serial entrepreneur who will add great value. His experience in building start-ups, knowledge of Business Development, his familiarity with Content creating and his experience in working in the creative industry are a true value. Fabian is currently a business owner and a managing director of an international Academy for Music, Media & Arts as well.


We are happy and honoured to have Fabian join the Melanin Wonder team. Get to know Fabian –> 

“My aim is to bring these worlds together..”- Fabian Willems

Melanin Wonder Fabian Willems Backstory

“Growing up in different countries such as Switzerland, Curacao and the Netherlands made me experience a variety of cultures. My observation is that there is a massive under representation going on in media. There are not many melanated heroes to look up to, for many people of color. Also, did I not have a community or positive culture such as Melanin Wonder to be part of. Other than that, I was always the creative kid with a strong imagination. Drawing would take a lot of my time and I would make art whenever I had the chance. My passion for visual art magically expanded to music when my mother bought me a drum machine, somewhere in my teenage years. By playing the drum, I fell in love with making music and discovered my voice as I grew older. But during my career as an artist, I also gained experience in sales, management and business development. My aim is to bring these worlds together and explore the possibilities of ways to contribute to the growth of Melanin Wonder.”

Where do you want to go in life?

“I want to make a positive impact by giving back… “- Fabian 

Fabian Willems, Photo by: Lina Georgiva MUA:Lucia Hensler 

“I love a fresh start, this is a brand new chapter for me. While being connected to the source and developing the best version of myself. To me, my future brings prosperous living, financial freedom, enjoying life and still remaining in close contact with who I am. From within, I manifest being a blessing to my loved ones, my social circle and the world around us in a nutshell. I want to make a positive impact by giving back, sharing resources and empowering those around me. With that being said, I think Melanin Wonder is an ideal place to fulfill my ambitions in this next chapter. Moreover, I believe that combining my experience in business development, my knowledge of sales with my creativity and my passion for diversity will bring Melanin Wonder to new heights. I can definitely bring my life’s mission to fruition by contributing to the success of Melanin Wonder. I look forward to our future endeavours.”

Where do I want to take Melanin Wonder?

“My goal is to make the platform more visible to the international Melanin community…”- Fabian 

First off, I love Melanin Wonder for what it represents, it’s mission, the content of the magazine and it’s over all vibe. My goal is to make the platform more visible to the international Melanin community. I want to do that by creating valuable partnerships with other melanated companies and connect with the entrepreneurs that run these businesses. Collaboration is a key factor in supporting Melanin Wonder’s journey to become a Global major platform. Which will represent melanated people in all kind of content and stories. When I look at the opportunities, which are endless, I see opportunities to build a community that people can be proud of. By capitalizing on future technologies our platform can contribute to the culture for the better and do that interactively. For now, we are celebrating the success of the last 5 years as well and I am grateful to be part of the team that has taken Melanin Wonder this far. As we are all on the lookout for the ways we can develop the next level for Melanin Wonder, I can’t wait for what is in store for us.

Why you should join us on this journey and join the Melanin Wonder Community?

My story is not uniquely to me. I believe loads of people can relate to it to my experience to some extent. The relatable nature of Melanin Wonder is exactly the reason why I joined this platform. Moreover, it is the reason why on behalf of Melanin Wonder, I will gladly invite you to become part of this growing community. We can all benefit from the inspiration and empowerment created by Melanin for Melanin People. There is a great shift flowing in the melanated family around the world in different areas but mainly success among Melanin people. Now is the time to share the story of your achievements and milestones. Our growing community is talented, from story-telling to sharing our lifestyles and culture, you name it! Whether you are an influencer or any type of designer, we look forward to partner up with talented people in diverse media spaces and growing businesses to share their stories.

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Aaron West, extremely passionate about inspiring change in others



Can you introduce yourself?

So, my full name is Aaron West, I am 31, Black and proud and I was born and mostly raised in Shreveport, Louisiana by my mom and grandparents. My mom moved my twin brother, little sister and I from Shreveport to Houston when I was 15 after she graduated from college and I’ve been here ever since. I would say I had a pseudo-rural upbringing in Shreveport because it was a slower city compared to Houston.

I say this not to imply we lived on a farm and milked cows but basically Shreveport as a city was far behind what Houston was in terms of modern black culture like fashion, music etc. Upon arriving to Houston I really started to think I was living on BET because everything and everyone was so cool and fashion forward lol. My brother, sister and I played most sports growing up to stay busy and I think that is probably where I grew to love Fitness.

What are you passionate about?

I am extremely, extremely, extremely, passionate about inspiring change in others. I would say I simply love to see people change their bodies or achieve their fitness goals, because I’m a personal trainer, but it’s so much deeper than that. For me it’s all about helping others understand what can be done with a little effort. Nothing and no one can make me feel as I do in the moment that someone who I talked to previously about where I see them going with their body remembers that conversation while presently living in that body we talked about in the past.

I own a personal training studio where I conduct one-on-one sessions with clients and sure we talk about fitness but it is not uncommon for us to also talk about other life goals, in-fact we probably talk about more life coaching type things than anything else, I really just enjoy helping people reach their full potential in every facet of life.


Aaron ripped in front of a grafitti wall

Aaron ripped in front of a grafitti wall


What is your profession?

My profession is complex but if I had to label it I would say I am an entrepreneur because I create things. Currently I am operating as personal trainer in my personal training studio but I have goals of becoming a motivational speaker and I also plan to start a few non-profits and other business outside of fitness.

How long have you owned ur fitness business?

By the grace of God my business has been open for almost 3 years. I started Almost PerFit Fitness after graduating from University of Houston and having a hard time finding what I considered a “real job”. I was still working for a local gym as a personal trainer and as a very broke post-college grad I figured that there was no better time to start a business than at the bottom, that way me and Almost PerFit Fitness( the business) literally would grow together.

With no real business plan I simply started training clients on the side in parks for less than what they would pay at the gym but was able to pocket more than what the gym was paying me. As business grew I decided to rent a space add some fitness equipment “wollah” i was in business on your own.


Aaron at the beach rocking his sunglasses

Aaron at the beach rocking his sunglasses


How do make sure your clients eat healthy?

I usually cannot really control how my clients eat so once I design the meal plan best tailored to their needs I focus on making sure they understand how eating wrong can impact their fitness goals. I’ve found that the more they understand the better their food decisions would be. I weigh my clients in weekly to track progress towards or away from their goal and then make adjustments.

Why start your own business?

I would now presently answer this question with “why not?” but honestly I never considered working for myself until I realized that I was worth more than what someone was willing to pay me to do a job I could create on my own. It is actually something I heard “Master P” of No Limit records say about his decision to start independent. I don’t think entrepreneurship is for everyone but it is definitely worth a shot if you are passionate about adding value to someone’s life with a service or product.


Aaron rocking his Powerful Beard

Aaron rocking his Powerful Beard


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years I see myself in the fitness industry. I actually plan to remain in the industry for the rest of my life but as a trainer to trainers as opposed to simply a trainer. I would like to have a larger platform to help more people in various ways.

Do you have other hobbies or crazy habits?

Aside from working out I really enjoy photography. I actually do most of my own photography for promotional flyers, social media marketing etc with a Nikon D330. I’m a self professed student to the craft and I’m also actively learning more about editing software. Me and my girlfriend are learning a few actually to help with our couples YouTube channel.

I have one habit that I think is pretty crazy, I am constantly stretching my body trying to get comfortable from multiple weekly workouts. I’ll be in bed literally popping and stretching until I finally fall asleep. It’s actually pretty common in the bodybuilding world and I wouldn’t say it’s painful but at every opportunity I feel the need to stretch my muscles/joints out I am probably going to stop everything I’m doing and do it, it’s weird but it feels so necessary. Other than that I’m just a guy .*lol*

Check out his Instagram for more about his business and some stunning pictures!


Aaron West entrepreneur and health coach

Aaron West entrepreneur and health coach



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Why I speak their names



 I don’t know sh&^%t

My life as an entrepreneur started around thirteen years ago. A know-it-all 29-year-old young woman. Mother of three children. Two biological and one bonus. I had this very idealistic idea and nobody could tell me otherwise. Well, after falling flat on my face a couple of times and many sleepless nights, disappointments and heartaches came the realization that maybe I didn’t know it all at all……in fact that maybe I don’t know sh&^%t.

This was a tough pill to swallow

What I came to realize is that entrepreneurship is one of the most spiritual journeys you will ever be on. There is nowhere to hide, nobody to blame. You have to self-reflect on a regular, be open to change your way….basically stepping out of your own way.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Grief the people you lose along the way. Be accountable for your failures so you can transform them into success. All this and much more but the most important part is being clear about your why! Cause let me tell you guys something, there will be many many moments that you will declare yourself to be crazy for continuing.

In all honesty, to be an entrepreneur you got to have a bit of crazy in you. I know that’s right! (In Sawaeetie’s voice)

What will sustain you through the moments when you are frustrated, disappointed, or have to cry yourself to sleep is your purpose. It may sound like a cliche but it’s my testimony.

My purpose was to be part of a movement, built companies to provide opportunities for ourselves so we can create them for our children. In July 2010 I wrote a poem explaining my Why. At the time we were a group of black women, mothers working together in realizing our dreams.

It is because of you today WE RISE!!!!

I dedicated this poem to my children and the women I was working with at the time. I would like to share it with you. It’s called We speak your names.

We speak your names Tariq, Iyanla, Hakim, Glenn, Roli, Dwayne, Omar, Jaden, Musa, Angelina, Hadjia, Euson, Iluminee, Uriel, Khadian, Lakisha, Kimani, Melanta, Rayla, Donna, Gillion, Brandon, and all the other ones.
We realize that we stand on the shoulders of the ones who came before us, as we are making way for the ones coming after us. We take our own responsibility so that you can stand upon our shoulders.
It is for you that today we day we refuse to remain in the victim role and to be content with a marginal existence.
It is for you who are growing up in these beautiful neighborhoods that we say; enough is enough.
Enough with the labels of disadvantaged.
It is for you that today, now (!) we stand up and act together to move forward.
Because our dream for you is that you have freedom of choice. That your zip code doesn’t determine your study advice. 
In ten or twenty years there must be a business network consisting of successful companies in various industries where you can have internships, get jobs, and/or subsequent take over companies.
It is because of you today WE RISE!!!!

Fast forward to 2021 and look at all the amazing black-owned business networks.

Baba Kwabena told me in my early twenties that a self-respecting community should own the three E’s: Education, Economics & Enforcement.

WE may still have a long road ahead of us but we are slowly but surely on our way. For the new entrepreneurs make sure you are clear of your why. Your purpose. Trust me there will be moments on your journey that it’s the only thing you have to hold on to. Hold on to it and keep on RISING. Our children need you. Speak their names and a new reality for them into existence.


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Angel Rich the Melanin Wonder named to be “The next Steve Jobs” by Forbes!!



Angel Rich “The Next Steve Jobs”


Angel Rich, from Washington, DC, has developed a very innovative app called Credit Stacker that teaches students about personal finance, credit management skills, and entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging way. The app is so popular that 200,000 people (and growing) downloaded it to their smartphones and tablets within just two weeks of its launch.


Melanin Wonder Angel was raised in Washington, DC, and graduated from Hampton University. She also studied at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. Way to represent her Melanin self!

She briefly worked as a global market research analyst for Prudential, where she conducted over 70 financial behavior modification studies.

She says that during her time there, she helped the company generate more than $6 billion in revenue. She resigned, however in 2013, to start her own company, The Wealth Factory.

Remarkably, the app has been named the “best financial literacy product in the country” by the Office of Michelle Obama, the “best learning game in the country” by the Department of Education, and the “best solution in the world for reducing poverty” by JP Morgan Chase. It has won first place in several business competitions including the Industrial Bank Small Business Regional Competition and the Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Competition. Angel has won more than $50,000 in business grants with her efforts.

Her company’s Credit Stacker app is available in four languages and in 40 countries and is rapidly approaching 1 million downloads.


Although the app is free for users to download, the revenue model is to generate money on the back-end from advertisers in addition to existing contracts. She also has a partnership with the D.C. Dept of Insurance, Securities, and Banking.

In time, other major financial companies like NASDAQ, J.P. Morgan & Chase, Wells Fargo, and more will likely want to get on board as well


Download the Credit Stacker app from the iTunes App store here, visit:

Download the Credit Stacker app from the Google Play app store now, visit:

Follow Melanin Wonder Angel Rich on Facebook and visit

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