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Melanin Wonderful story





Gloria Celina (28) is the Face of Melanin Wonder 2022! Melanin Wonder is ecstatically happy to welcome this Surinamese beauty as the next Face of the Brand. Gloria is an influencer based in Almere, a wife, mother, a lady of faith and someone with an inspiring story which will move the public.


The story of Gloria Celina

“My name is Gloria Celina and I want to become the Next Face of Melanin Wonder, because I have a story that can lift up somebody’s hope in life. I went through alot, there was a time in my life where I found myself ugly, because of the fact that I have been through alot in the past.”“Each time I was looking in the mirror I was asking myself why I was so ugly. After the many tears I cried in my room I decided to prove life that I wasn’t who they said I was. I promised myself that I would be a testimony and a motivation for the people that  felt the way I did or feel like they can’t manifest who they really are.”


“I want to inspire people with the fact that as long as you believe in yourself you can become everything you want in life!” – Gloria Celina

“Now I’m working as an influencer and I’m not just influencing with fashion but my influence reaches broken women that look down on themselves.”


Her journey towards the title

Gloria is a lady that describes herself as kind and loving and a person that is a go-getter, in other words she doesn’t stop until she gets what she want. In the running to the finals she really showed how tenacious and loving she is, she has a big community supporting her in her dreams and this can’t be just coincidence but rather a wonderful supporting system that reciprocate back the love she gives to others.

Below some footage of her campaign vying for online votes and support in the City Centre of Almere.


Photo: Shot by Dashenko

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Melanin Wonderful story

Meet our writers!




Let us introduce you to our newest writers behind the scenes!




Manou Cristal (@sir.manou) professional athlete turned into a content creator and blogger. From professional basketball playing to displaying his creativity into the digital world. The 29-year old Christal Malalu is now looking forward to showing his creativity in the digital world. Keep an eye on the website for some athletic and creative content and articles from sir Manou.



Michelle Amo (@michelleamo_) is a ray of sunshine with a personality as colourful as her fashion. She has been featured on Elle Netherlands, Flaire Belgique and NL Vogue promoting her views on sustainable fashion with style. If you need a dose of colour, happy feet and circular fashion inspiration, then you should surely keep an eye on Michelle’s content and articles.



Temitope Oluwatobi (@duchess_teymi) the lady of soul! Temi is a Dublin based Freelance Journalist from Lagos, Nigeria. After she graduated with an honours degree in Masters of Media and Communication (2021) she decided she is ready to conquer the world with her golden pen, telling you compelling stories about love, mental health and social injustice.




Ayesha Noelle (@ayeshanoelle) is a mindset and business coach, who specializes in imposter syndrome. She mainly helps female online entrepreneurs achieve their business goals & overcome imposter syndrome by implementing science-based strategies. Her background is in Applied Psychology and she appeared as a guest expert on multiple media platforms.


Tiesha Olive (@bnaturalcurls) Latiesha was constantly getting questions about her hair. Not just from women but men too. So she decided to make a channel to educate on the proper way to care for natural hair. She went to school for cosmetology to be able to educate others better and graduated with Honors in September 2018. Latiesha vlogs and blogs about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, hair products and her faith.



Stephane-Thierry Ngali was born in France and has been from an early age exposed to the diversity of the world and the value of traditions as the anchor of a nation’s spirit. Together with his father, Stephane-Thierry travelled across 13 African countries where he had the privilege to understand and experience the intrinsic value of the African approach to life’s tenet. Graduated in international business & finance, Stephane had the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in global finance and European wealth systems. He lives in Amsterdam and works for a cloud provider as a strategic business development manager.



Danitzah Jacobs (@danitzahjacobs) is a mother of three beautiful children. Besides being a womanist and a feminist she is also an entrepreneur. Over the years she has accumulated loads of knowledge on various topics such as Afro Caribbean & Latin cultures, African spirituality & Money Confidence. She is currently developing a ready meals food line for her company Danitzah’s Afro Caribbean Kitchen but is also ready to launch a new fashion concept from Ghana.






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RiRi honoured for her ‘extraordinary commitment’ to Caribbean island as it makes a historic political transition.




RiRi Rihanna honoured for her ‘extraordinary commitment’ to Caribbean island as it makes a historic political transition.

The singer was honored Monday in her native Barbados during its presidential inauguration, which served to mark the country becoming a republic. Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley told the crowd: “May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your nation by your works, by your actions and to do credit wherever you shall go”.

Barbados formally cut ties with the British monarchy by becoming a republic almost 400 years after the first English ship arrived on the most easterly of the Caribbean islands.




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Melanin Wonderful story

This is why you should keep an eye on Melanin Wonder NL – Finalist Maryan Stokhof de Jong



I am a young woman who was born in Africa and eventually grew up in the Netherlands. I have always admired the strength of my African mother.

Model: Maryan Photo: Pearson Portraits

I would like to convince people to continue to believe in themselves and get the best out of their lives. Everyone is beautiful the way they are.

Model: Maryan Photo: Pearson Portraits

I hope to convey the energy right. I stand for strength, positivity, love and acceptance. I think it is important that everyone can be the way they are, whatever the colour of their skin. Love to uplift people and forget about jealousy.

Model: Maryan Photo: Pearson Portraits

Follow Maryan on instagram: @Maryannnx
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Melanin Wonderful story

This is why you should keep an eye on Melanin Wonder NL – Finalist Heera Dijk




Chase your dreams

I think no matter what colour skin or background you have, you should always chase your dreams. Color doesn’t matter, it’s about what’s inside you. When I was a little girl there was no n’t much color on tv or at my school.
But children don’t look at and now in 2021, there are many changes going on in the world and there is much more possible. More than ever we need role models, we still need them. So let me be that voice and face to show how it can be.
Like Marian Wright Edelman an American child advocate once said: color, they look at you as a person. The differences become more obvious when you are older. My roots are from Suriname and the Caribbean, but I was born and raised here in the Netherlands. So I’m a mix of three cultures, I’m a melted melanin.

” You need role models. Someone you can identify yourself with, someone who is just like you.”

Growing up as a teenager can be quite a challenge, let alone if you feel like you are living in three worlds. As a teenager, I felt different. Where did I belong? When I grew up, I didn’t realize you need role models. Someone you can identify yourself with, someone who is just like you. It helps you as a person. 

Role models

Now that I’m older I realize it is necessary to have role models, someone who can be that example for you. Looking back I now know that I certainly had my role models: Off course there were Beyoncé and Alicia Keys, wauw such strong beautiful melanin women! But more close to home (literally), were my mother and my aunt that example for me. They are truly powerful women, strong and independent! At a young age they came here in The Netherlands, without their parents, family or even a guideline to live and work in another country. They showed me that life isn’t always easy, but when you are positive and work hard, you can achieve whatever you want! My whole family exists of strong and independent women. I’m very proud to be part of that!  

Model: Heera Dijk Photo: New Monkey Photography

Nowadays, in 2021, there are many changes going on in the world and there are so much more possibilities. We need role models now more than ever! We need them at all times. So let me be that voice and face to show how it can be done. Like Marian Wright Edelman an American child advocate once said:
 ‘You can’t be, what you can’t see.’ 
That’s my purpose! To be an example. That is why I’ve chosen this Melanin Wonder Platform, which has such a great reach!
Photo credits:
New Monkey Photography
Follow Heera on Instagram: @heera.d
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