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Cardi B and Bruno Mars Dripping in Finesse

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Dripping in Finesse

Mind Blown

Cardi be is back and she is Blowing our minds! She has been keeping this a secret for a while. The surprise is very real. Her rapping skills and Bruno Mars’ Funky vocal skills sound like something straight out of the 90’s. We love it!

Star Quality or one day fly?

Cardi B had been expressing a lot of anxiety and sincere worry about being a one day fly. The already made superstar was concerned about not being able to cash another hit. This due to the Internet breaking Succes of her song Bodak Yellow. Bodak Yellow has up to 400 million Youtube Views and counting! You can almost call her song, single and hot of the year.

Well she has not disappointed us as she gave us hints about dropping this banger on her Instagram a few hours before the big drop on January 3rd.


Oldschool Cardi

Bruno Mars and Cardi B have both posted their matching Old school feel video on their social media channels. This was not surprising since the feel and sound was sound was recognizably ‘Fresh Princy’. In the end of the video they have dedicated the video to the old American sketch show In living Color. This show was aired on Fox between april 1990 and May 1994.

We want more!


The 90’s sketch and parody show

The show was aboout short sketches and acting out parodies with a strong Afro-American feel to it. The actor and film writer Keenen Ivory Wayans wrote the show. Even Jim Carry, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Lopez have shown their face in the series. Jennifer Lopez’ career even had a major boost after her role as one of the dancers, the so called Fly Girls.

4 million views and counting

Cardi B and Bruno have outdone themselves and this song will be another timeless song for the records! Watch the video here!

Mr. Mars’ YouTube account has over 4 million views on the song in just ONE day already! The colorful and vibrant video will surely be one for the books. Bruno and Cardi B are writing history. They have been breaking the internet with this HIT song. We know one thing and that is: We want more!

Cardi B : “My big fat ass got all the boys shook!”

The duo may Finesse all 2018! What a great start of the year. It don’t make no sense! They are certainly dripping in Finesse! They got it going on!


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DaChoyce Rapper the one to watch! Fun New Single Out! Spanish



Who is DaChoyce?

Dachoyce: Hi, my name it’s Joyce Santos and I am originally from Brazil but raised in Spain 😊 I live between Barcelona and Amsterdam

Joyce and her momma

What inspired you to start music?

To be honest being in music was an unexpected decision. It was not planned at all. I have started “freestyling” while drunk with friends “haha” they invited me to a studio to give it a try just for fun. It apparently went well so I kept going and found my passion.

How did u come up with the name DaChoyce?

Actually, my friends started calling me DaChoyce in high school as a word-game/wordplay and I think it was meant to be because I’ve been chosen for this 🥺 I have been using this nickname ever since!

More and more people are starting to understand and accept that black is beautiful and powerful and they love it.

DaChoyce for new music video

What are most of your songs about?

‘Livre’ is my latest song, and it is about freeing yourself from any situation, person or even yourself that brings you down. About overcoming it after fighting this negatives. That is what ‘Livre’ is about 🤍

Is there colorism in the Spanish or latino community in your opinion?

I think in Spanish and Latino community colorism is getting more neutral as time passes by. More and more people are starting to understand and accept that black is beautiful and powerful and they love it. The even wanna copy it. That’s what I’ve experienced and seen so far, but we’re getting there!

Baby Joyce and her mother <3

Have u ever experienced racism in life or in the music business?

Not in the music business but I have in life, and not directly me personally but to my family members and melanated friends while being with me so that hurts the same or even more! I cannot bear to see how they get treated sometimes.

What do u think of platforms who do not support a darker skin artist because they already have one ?

I think they should go f*** themselves, and us melanin people should keep focusing on creating our own platforms and spaces where we are Kings and Queens. This gives us a chance to be loved and appreciated in our own way and by our own people!

We saw some amazing pictures, are u model?

Yes! Modeling is part of my job as well. I used to do it as a teenager and now with the music thing it came back. I picked it back up! “haha” I mostly do photoshoots with @tomclark.visuals but I also do jobs for agencies!

Joyce by Tom Clark

What is the main message u want to put out as a person and an artist?

Never give up, don’t be a victim. You should rest if you need to but don’t quit. When things are hard, trust me, they will get better!
Try to be positive, trust yourself and the process, be a bad ass 🤪🤪 that’s what I’ve learned and wanna inspire so far 🤞🏽


Where do u see yourself 5 years from now?

Travelling the whole world with my music and working on different other projects that I am planning and working on! Helping people and creating a positive impact! Eventhough this sounds typical, just watch me 🤍

What advise would u give an up and coming artist?

Trust yourself and the process. Do not trust anyone out there. Just trust God, and you’ll be good!


I’m releasing a new single I hope y’all love it 🤍 No voy a volver


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