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Melanin Excellence from Politics to Disney – our 2019 so far




We are in the home stretch of 2019 and 2020 is fast approaching! What a year it has been! Black Excellence is truly on the rise! Personally, I have never been this proud to see our culture represented in such a positive light. – Tiesha

In the Political News – The United States has a black woman on the ballot for President of the United States!

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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, United States Senator from California, is really making her mark in the presidential race. She is the first black woman that has run of the office for president in over 9 years. The US has had 11 black women to run for President of the United States over the years. 

Her campaign slogan “For the People” is not just a slogan but a true testament for the changes she has initiated in her political career. From introducing tax cuts to the middle class, proposals of tuition-free higher education, protecting the rights of refugees and immigrants, and so much more. Her work showcases her commitment to the advancement of the United States. These are perfect qualities of a President!

But Kamala Harris is not the only Black presidential candidate. Wayne Messam, a Florida Mayor, is also in the running for the election. His parents came to Florida from Jamaica with only a 5th-grade education to build a better life. The work ethics that were instilled in their son drove him and his wife Angela in building several highly profitable minority construction businesses.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Wayne Messam
Wayne Messam

In the career of Wayne Messam, he has been an advocate of higher wages, job security for US workers, leading the cause of protection of immigrants to come to the US for a better life, and many other contributions to the country. His campaign slogan “For America” shows that he has what it takes to bring wealth and prosperity to the US.

In Entertainment News – Disney has not one but two new remakes that have featured lead black cast members. This is a major accomplishment and advancement for Disney. The last black lead role in Disney pictures was The Princess and The Frog released in 2009.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Halle Bailey the new Ariel
Halle Bailey the new Ariel

The Little Mermaid Reboot featuring Halle Bailey as Ariel is a beautiful addition to the Disney family. Halle Bailey is a part of the R&B Group Chloe x Halle who rose to fame after their rendition of Beyoncé’ Pretty Hurts. This led to the group to be an opening act for Beyoncé’ Formation World Tour in 2016.

Halle being the starting role unfortunately suffered major backlash from critics.  Hashtags #NotMyAriel were trending on Twitter causing an uproar of negativity to the star due to the changing of the skin color by Disney from fair to a melanin complexion.

Even through the criticism, an outpouring of support on social media came forth for Halle. Fellow celebrities Willow Smith, Mariah Carey, Donald Glover, Jordan Sparks, and many others came to showcase support for her as well for the upcoming remake of the Disney film.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor donald glover simba
Donald Glover as Simba in the Lion King live-action movie

The Lion King remake has a host of black excellence in the cast. Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, Chance the Rapper as Bush Baby, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Keegan-Michael Key as Kamari, Eric Andre’ as Azizi, John Kani as Rafiki, Florence Kasumba as Kamari, Phil Lamar and J. Lee offering voice supporting roles, and legendary artists Alfre Woodard as Sabri and James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nala beyonce
Beyonce as Nala in the Lion King live-action movie

The Lion King remake has made over 540 million dollars to date. It was reported by Forbes magazine to be the top-grossing live-action remake! Hats off to the cast!

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The movie “Little” features youngest executive producer 14-year-old Marsai Martin from the ABC hit show Black-ish.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Marsai Martin youngest producer ever
Marsai Martin – Youngest producer ever

This was a great breakthrough for the youth in film. Working alongside Regina Hall, Preston L. Holmes, and Josh Martin who also executive produced this film, offered support and guidance as she embarked on this journey. This movie opened more doors of opportunities for Marsai to produce a film adaptation of B.B. Alston’s debut novel Amari and the Night Brothers and another film Step Monster with future release dates coming soon.

In Beauty News -The US has three major Black pageant winners!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Miss USA 2019 Chelsie Kryst
Miss USA 2019 Chelsie Kryst

Miss USA 2019 Chelsie Kryst from North Carolina, Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin from New York, and Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaleigh Garris from Connecticut.

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Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaleigh Garris

This is a record-breaking history-making victory to have such representation at one time in this space. For years black beauty has been commercialized and society unaccepted.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Nia Franklin
Nia Franklin – Miss America 2019

As a black woman being born and raised in Mississippi, I have seen firsthand many accounts of racial injustice and heard countless stories from my elders. To see Black people, rise above the pressures of opposition and move into their appointed victory in black excellence inspires me to do the same.

I truly believe that James Brown says it best “Say it Loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!”

Blogger: Tiesha (Latiesha Olive) is a beauty blogger with her own blog You can also follow her on Youtube- ‘Beautiful Natural Curls’ and Instagram @Bnaturalcurls. Tiesha is our USA correspondent for your Melanin Wonder News!


Tamala – The enchanting Melanin Wonder & Original Storyteller from your new series






Who is Tamala? Do you guys remember Randall Holloway?  We found his friend Tamala Baldwin and had the chance to get to know more about her. You’re in for some black excellence! … are You Ready ..? She holds an MBA in Media and trained at the Julliard School of music for the flute. Her mission is to help transform the way people think about themselves and change the world through storytelling, sharing her piece of Melanin!

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala and Randall met a few years ago when he was casting for a role in the series, Curvy Girls Rock. He offered Tamala the role and they have collaborated ever since.

“He is so brilliant and when it came time to create Bubbly Brown Sugar, I cast him as Marcus, and he came on board during post production as a producer. We work so well together, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next.” – Tamala Baldwin


Tamala Baldwin
Tamala Baldwin gives us her best smile!

What you need to know about Tamala Baldwin

How would you introduce yourself?

Tamala: This is such a wonderful question and the first word that popped into my mine was that I am sunshine. My purpose in the world is to create work that adds light, healing, and love to the world through storytelling. Writing is my first love, but I never thought it would make room for me in the world until God gifted me with Bubbly Brown Sugar.

Prior to creating this series, I was not thinking about writing at all. My efforts were focused entirely on making it as an actress, but then my mom passed, and everything shifted.

My world was not as bright, and I prayed for a year that God bless me with new life.

In October of 2017, my prayer was answered, and I have been writing ever since. It has opened so many doors that were previously closed to me and I live in a constant state of awe. I have always been an artist and
it was something my mom nurtured in me as a little girl, but when it came time to college, I chose a more traditional route. I have an MBA in Media Management and am a college professor. Yet, God is in control and has led me down a path that feels like I finally am doing what I was born to do.

This Is Why Bubbly Brown Sugar is MADE for you by Tamala!

Bubbly Brown Sugar was given to me while stuck in traffic on my way to work. The song, ‘Love Galore’ by SZA came on and out of nowhere, this entire story just downloaded into my spirit. I remember simply creating my own scenario to the melody and in an instant, I had a story from beginning to end.


My prayer was answered a year later while driving to one of my side hustles in the form of this story that led me down a path I would not have otherwise thought about.


“Our web series Bubbly Brown Sugar was picked up by the new streaming platform UrbanFlixTV and will be exclusively available there starting Friday September 18, 2020! As a first-time filmmaker, getting a licensing deal is a HUGE Accomplishment, and we would love for everyone that reads to
support by watching season one there.”

UrbanFlixTV a black owned Netflix essentially! (See Melanin Wonder!)

The show is about two soulmates that are meeting in their dreams and what they each go through in life until fate brings them together. I believe that we are here to experience wonderful things, yet we still must go through a process. This series explores the choices we make and how that shapes our experience in the here and now. It is also about the power of true love and soulmates.

This is a story about the power of the law of attraction and how we can manifest anything we want. It celebrates black love, but also paints of real picture as to some of the things that we need to clean up before we can receive what God has in store for us.

“My world was not as bright, and I prayed for a year that God bless me with new life.” – T. Baldwin


Award Winning Tamala Baldwin

We heard that u even won a few awards, is this true?

YES! We had an amazing time when we played the film festival circuit for the first time. We won several awards and it felt like a dream come true. For the first time, it felt like I was finally being seen and recognized as an artist. In a way I have always imagined. It was encouraging and confidence building to be honest. Here are some of the awards we have won:

• Best Series at the International Newark Film Festival
• Best Series at the National Black Film Festival
• Best Series at the SITA Awards
• Best Series at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
• Best Actor at the Austin Revolution Festival
• Best Actress at the SITA Awards
• Best Series Finalist Black Web Fest
• Best Series Finalist at the First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia
• Best Script Finalist Imagine This Women’s International Film Fest

Tyler Perry an inspiration for Tamala?

For a long time, I always felt like there should be someone that inspired me, but there was not. God has always been my friend and writing was
something I enjoyed doing as a little girl. This part of me has always been and was not sparked by looking outside of myself.


As I became an adult, there are other artists whose work ethic inspired me to work harder like Issa Rae, or to never give up like Viola Davis, and that it’s okay to share your voice your way like Tyler Perry.

Tamala Baldwin

Tamala Baldwin on set

Is it true that your script made people cry?

Yes, I feel that people cried when they read my script One Wish because it is a fairy tale. We see those types of movies often, but we are generally not at the forefront. I put black people at the forefront of stories where we get to experience our happily ever after, which can be so overwhelmingly beautiful that the only response left is to cry.

Tamala Baldwin and team
Tamala and team
Tamala Baldwin
Tamala Baldwin on set getting a touch up

Do you want to know more about Tamala Baldwin, check out her socials!

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Winanda is a 22-year-old beauty, hailing from French Guyana. This year she became the face of our brand, and may proudly call herself the face of Melanin Wonder 2020. Together with the other 3 faces, she represents the ‘next generation’ of our platform.

Growing up in The Netherlands, in Mijdrecht, she had an adventurous childhood. She is the youngest of 5 ( 2 brothers and 2 sisters). Winanda had an adventurous childhood, hunting for the thrills of could say she was a little rebel. Her mom focused on bringing her kids on the right track. So Winanda had 2 choices, be a kid on the streets, or make something out of her life.

She decided to shape up and give herself the best shot she can in life, so she decided to work for the newspapers and run a newspaper district. This way she could safe for her future goals.

She was a girl of many talents, she knew how to braid her from a young age, so she also earned money by braiding hair. At a young pre-teenage she was already making 40 bucks, including travel allowance. Little did she know, she was planting a seed, for her business plan, 10 years later


Level up by Ciara, is the Themesong of her life, according to Winanda.

Fast forward 10 years later to 2020, and we can say that she is a serial entrepreneur. Level up, Level up, level up, YES GIRL!

What she is up to? 2 things! Educating people on financial freedom  & launching her haircare business. She will be educating the public about financial freedom. Teaching you everything about the future about money i.e. DAGCOING / Cryptocurrency & Network marketing. With the knowledge, she has acquired by joining the SUCCES FACTORY, 2 years ago.

In addition to that, we will be keeping a close eye on her, with her Youtube channel about natural hair care. Subscribe to her Youtube channel -> HERE


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