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Black is King Movie – A review




Black is King

I have been binge watching The Resident for a couple of weeks. I have particularly been enthralled by the character of Dr. Mina Okafor played by Shaunette Renee Wilson.

THE RESIDENT: Shaunette Renée Wilson as Dr. Mina Okafor in Season Three of THE RESIDENT Fox Media LLC. Cr: Miranda Penn Turin/FOX

She is portrayed as an enigmatic , eccentric and radically brilliant surgeon who pivots between an extremely anti-social mien and a morally divided persona. However, her brilliance is unparalleled. She represents what the true Nigerian spirit is; brilliant, innovative, independent and blaise. This is a welcome departure from the stereotypes of fraud, avarice and corruption that trail us everywhere we go. I would have preferred an actor of Nigerian origin playing the role though but…I digress. It made me reflect deeply on the ‘Black is King’ movie.

“She represents what the true Nigerian spirit is; brilliant, innovative, independent and blaise”


Beyonce’s visual album

The visual album released by Beyonce Knowles is quite intriguing. It is bright, colorful and very entertaining. The costumes and choreography were well-placed and the video and musical quality was top-notch. I have been playing ‘water’ back to back for the past two weeks and I simply love the rhythm. There have been loads of questions raised though. The East Africans are having an axe to grind because they were not represented in any aspect of the video. Naysayers are also saying the rustic and homespun quality that typifies Africa was missing. Hogwash! Must Africa be portrayed as being servile and backward?

My take is, that it is a good start. It is just baffling that an African American who literally is living her best life out of Africa is the one carrying the torch for the continent to be seen for the treasure that it is. Our homegrown talent are all about acquiring fake American accents and passing themselves off as foreign while ignoring the very essence of the culture that stands them out. Even the music being turned out is at best rhythmic noise laced with sonorous beats. There is simply no substance nowadays.

Like the character of Mina Okafor, we need to stand and be counted. Let us project and exude confidence, panache and class. Never again should it be said that we are backward and not ready to be called first world.
I guess it’s the African-Americans, African-European and all other blacks of African origin that will make us wake up and project the continent in its proper light. Beyonce has started, let others follow suit.

About the writer
Oluwaseun Omomowo

Oluwaseun Omomowo

Oluwaseun Omomowo (@oluwaseunomomowo) is a writer and a Pan-Africanist who has spent the greater part of his life advocating for the socio-political advancement of the African continent . He has a degree in English language and literature , a masters degree in view in the field of Philosophy, Politics and Economics and will in the near future be awarded a PhD in the field of African Development and Public policy . He has worked in over 46 countries and has extensive experience in immigration policy and protocols .

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EFE venue – The new HotSpot for the creative in-crowd




EFE; A creative work venue for ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION & EVENTS in Amsterdam. Rentable Open Space for Events ( birthday parties, fashionshows, performances, screenings and more..

Photographer: Vern Wall Arnemann

Photographer: Vern Wall Arnemann

Black, Classy, Sleek, Sexy, Vibes, Fashion, Creative, Dreams, Aesthetic, Sway, Network Soiree, Place to be!

These are a few words that come to our mind, when describing EFE! 

On the 23rd of november, EFE opened its doors by throwing an official opening soiree. It was a classy gathering of creatives, models, photographers, artists, business owners and socialites. And no, this even did not take place somewhere in Atlanta, New York, Tokyo or Dubai, but in Amsterdam!

The Dutch multicultural and creative scene, needed a platform like EFE since forever, and we are glad it has finally arrived!

Photographer: Vern Wall Arnemann

Photographer: Vern Wall Arnemann

The Mastermind behind EFE is Tingy Lingy Yves, the renowned Libra man you cannot forget.

Together with his knit tight team, consisting of Nella Ngingo & Fabrice Monteiro, he created a concept of a creative working space and event venue, where creatives and the common man can manifest their ideas. Trusting Nella’s background as an established supermodel, Yves creative mastermind & eye for interior design and Fabrice’s networking skills, we believe this concept is on the high speed road to being a great success.

Looking for a place for your Birthday Bash, Fashion show, Photoshoot location, Baby shower, YouTube show, Bridal shower, Catwalk training, workshop space, presentation, network event or any other creative plans?

Then book your venue: / 



Head over to Facebook and join the creative community called Events Fashion and Events venue. 

Stands for Entertainment, Fashion and Events!

Creative work venue for ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION & EVENTS in Amsterdam. Rentable Open Space for Events contact Yves and his team:

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Omowale – The lost child that returned home




He has many names!

My name is Silvano Rigmar Haynes, my friends also know me as ‘Vano’
My little secret is that I use different (yet still my own) names to keep people guessing. I’m an 80’s baby and was born on the Caribbean island called Curaçao.

Since a young age I’ve always been very curious about my surroundings and what makes people do things differently than myself.

My best-friend partially rubbed a lot of his ‘’why’’ attitude unto me.
Which led me to ask questions like:

‘’Am I really less intelligent than others who had a higher school diploma?’’ ’’Am I aiming high in life’’? ‘’Do I got any talents?’’

It was this attitude that created the basis of who I am today.

Silvano Rigmar Haynes

You also go under the alias OMOWALE ASANTE, what does this name mean?

Malcolm X became a great hero to me around my early twenties’.
During his tour in Africa, Nigeria to be precise. They gave him a Yoruba name: Omowale. Meaning the (lost) child has returned home. Let’s say the name sank into my sub-conscious. And I basically fell in love with the Yoruba people shortly after that.

Then came the Asante who I also felt some connection to.
In late 2016 I put those two names together to recreate my Africanity..
Later I came to found out that Asante means because of war.

So, ‘the lost child has returned home because of war’ was born. And with such heavy meaning, I just had to ‘’own’’ this name.

Silvano Rigmar Haynes

So at what point in your life did you grow with passion for African history?

Well that started around my 17th birthday when a cousin of mine told me:

‘’There are a strange group of people in Rotterdam that almost speak our language’’.

He was referring to the Cabo Verdeans which led me unto the beautiful but enormous rabbit hole of the history of my ancestors. And that’s how I created the brand Atunwa in 2016

The definition of ‘Atunwa’ in Yoruba theology translates to reincarnation  in your direct family-line. The philosophy of my brand is: teaching African history and Black empowerment through fashion. Pan-African consciousness meets gritty urban Black culture.

Your brand ‘Atunwa’ promotes African culture, what is your mission and vision with this brand? 

My mission is not only to promote African (diasporic) culture but to shake people into taking action. Every order comes with an infographic to show what we can do as one and why it’s important to OWN everything around you. Let me put it another way: making people aware of how dope African history/culture and it’s people are and start building with the correct mindset.

Silvano Haynes and friends – Photo by: shinethruheartphotogtraphy

My vision, without the fluffy stuff is to become a household name for every black person walking down the street in whether it be St.Kitts or Tanzania.
T-shirts, Hoodies, flipflops, sneakers. Our invasion won’t be televised.

Why should we buy from Atunwa and not from other African designers in the Diaspora?

To semi-quote an article on our spiritual predecessor:

‘’created to specifically target young Black/African  consumers.’ Their clothing was as a response to high-profile fashion brands expressing they didn’t want to market their collections to particular groups of people.’’


I won’t mention their name but to add to that, I’ll say that we aren’t looking to fuse ideas, gaining a particular strand of mainstream attention or selling Black culture to other cultures while being detrimental to our own. Atunwa didn’t come into existence in a reactive manner. She was born to fill a void of a new cultural revival.

Silvano Rigmar Haynes

To how many African countries have you been and which one of them stuck the most?

Sadly enough just Egypt. To be precise the upper Nile region. The city called Aswan is pretty much where you can still feel the ancient African presence.
So yeah… pretty cool place and people.

What have you learned from Africa?

That we all share a common cultural source. We are just different branches/expressions of the same tree. It just happens that people aren’t very aware of that. Two things I love the most is how organized we used to be in all aspects of life and the central role of African women.

How does a continent like Africa affect you personally in your daily life?

The most simple answer I can give is: showing me that everything happening on this world has to be viewed through unfiltered African eyes. And not the Euro-glasses handed to me through generations. In other words: Stay true.

What is the best way for melanin people to find their (unknown) African roots?

And if you want to know what DNA-markers are the most dominant within you. Use the company called

Do you believe in DNA tests like MYHERITAGE to find out where someone’s roots are set up?

Please check the infographics made by AfricanAncestry. Those other companies… Well I shall speak of them no more.

BoB’s for life is the path to greatness.

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