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Bessem Bessem


Glowing Singer/Songwriter Bessem (Oh) a Diamond in the Rough!



Who is Bessem?

My name is Sophie Bessem Tataw, I am 27 years old and I am Dutch Cameroonian. Born and raised in Cameroon by Cameroonian and half Nigerian parents up until I was 16 years when I moved to live with my mom and siblings in The Netherland.

I am happily married to a wonderful man. In total I have 6 siblings, two siblings which I love so much, my older brother and my littlee sister, the CEO of a fashion brand called 

MAFCOUTURE based in The Netherlands are here in Europe with me.

Bessem is my middle name, and it means “A Woman of Virtue”

Will you ever produce a whole album in French?

I am really not sure for now if I want to do a whole album in French. Maybe a couple of songs but not a whole album.

With which artist would you like to do a collab?

For right now I am trying to establish my sound therefore collabs are not on my radar. But if I was to work with any artist right now it would be: Mr Leo, Daphne, Boy Tag from Cameroon, Teni from Nigeria. Teni in particular is super talented, love her and Frenna, Nana Fofie from The Netherlands.

A short freestyle about melanin wonder in 4 sentences in 3.. 2… 1…

Bessem’s video Faut pas jugé which means don’t judge

How is life living in the UK?

The UK is still a mystery to me because I just moved here. But i’m ready to explore and find out what it has to offer.

What other talents do you have other than singing?

I am a great match maker LOL, I love acting. Funfact: I met my husband many years ago on a set of a movie project I was working on and I am a decent bongo drummer.

What is a crazy habit that you have?

Besides Singing all the time, I love to go to the movies alone. LoL its really bad to the point where I make excuses to get out on social gatherings to go watch a movie  at the cinema Alone. I Love IT J.

How do you feel about the global beauty industry? What do you think about Make-up?

I am very pleased with the way the black girl has made a mark over the years as Beautiful too… globally. Gone are the days where the white woman was the symbol of beauty.

Although I personally am not crazy about makeup, unless it’s for something special like performance, appearance, parties etc. But I applaud the way melanin is being appreciated globally in the beauty industry through Makeup.

Would you like to be internationally known?

My dream has always been to serve my people first with my music. I am very patriotic to my heritage with my craft. But if the international market is ever feeling it and is willing to know more about me and my story, then I’ll be more than willing to share with the world.

What are your next steps?

Well first just to let your readers know I do have my Debut EP called GESTATION on soundcloud which u can download for free. For future projects, my policy is New year, New project, so u guys should definitely watch out for new songs coming out this year.

If you could act in a movie, what movie would that be?

A movie about my Life! Cos I have seen some thangs! A good film that will give society hope on never to give up on life no matter your circumstance.

What is one of your favourite songs?

I do have one of my own, called Mercy, u can find it on soundcloud. And I’m feeling Trobul by Wurld and Joey B ft King Promise; SweetiePie

Our favourite video and song is faut pas juge. Why did you create this song?

Well thank you. I made that song because we all know how judgmental the African society can be of people’s circumstances, good or bad especially through social media.

So, it was just to say go slow on the judgement of other pple for you really don’t know what they might be going through at that point and time of their lives. Let’s raise each other up.



How was recording the Faut pas juge video with one of our team members of Melanin Wonder? 

That day was so not planned LOL, sometimes unplanned events re the best. First off shout out to Jen for killing it. She was just so energetic that I wanted her in front of the camera and ofcos she did her thing and it came out beautifully. We had a blast that day and the afterparty at my place was just lit! It was overall one of the best video shoot experience I had, from the camera guys to my friends that came to support. Thank U guys so much for the Love.

The amazing Yaxfilms from Belgium was the videographer. He and his crew wer such a delight to work with.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Well, first off I would love to be healthy, My music playing on radios and tv stations across Africa, couple of MTV Mama awards, performances on stages like One African Fest, O2 arena, Palais des sports Yaoundé Cameroon, Open-Air festival and two healthy babies  hopefully one on the way.

Social Media Handles!

IG @OfficialBessem

Soundcloud; RealBessem

Snapchat –> Realmissbess

Youtube –>

by Janet Dara


Defano Holwijn – Ownen




Official Music Video ‘Defano Holwijn – Ownen (prod. Krankjoram & Sejaa)’ Stream or Download ‘Ownen’:


— Video credits: Shot by @2phoness — Producer credits: Producer: Krankjoram, Sejaa Associated Performer, Vocals: Defano Holwijn Composer: Défano Holwijn Author(s): Défano Holwijn — FOLLOW ME! | SOCIAL MEDIA SNAPCHAT: kidkidguapo.…

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Wale – Flawed (feat. Gunna)



Wale - Flawed (feat. Gunna)

“Flawed” feat. Gunna out now: Directed by Joseph Desrosiers & Melissa Forde

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AFIA is a singer-songwriter living in the Netherlands with roots From Ghana. AFIA means Friday, the day ..she was born.

She prides herself carrying this name as her artist name, as she carries her heritage with pride. She is an advocate of promoting your true and pure self, unapologetically. And this includes, using your native name.

Her music has always been her outlet, where she expressed her thoughts about healing and resistance against racism & sexism.

She wrote her song Determined in april 2020, shortly after lockdown started. Little did she know that within the next 3 months, the world would be going through a revolution, with the Black lives Matter movement taking over the world. All while giving us a flashback in time, back to the civil rights movement in the USA in the times of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. But this time it became a worldwide movement!

The message in her song, couldn’t be any more relevant for today as it is now!

Her goal with this song is to empower people to be Determined in succeeding in their wildest dreams and to not wait for a seat at the table but to create their own table!

Put yourself first and create your own destiny and be DETERMINED!

DETERMINED,  a published piece straight from the heart. For everyone who is systemically facing resistance: may it be your anthem, may you dwell in it, may you wrap these words around you like a cloth of protection. I am proud of you, you are amazing, happiness is for you and you deserve all the love that is coming to you! You will get there. Stay determined, loves. ♥️” – AFIA

Follow AFIA on Instagram: @afiaxhealing


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