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An online platform that aims to highlight the ‘Melanated’ People positively!

Melanin Wonder is an online platform that aims to highlight the ‘Melanated People’ by using tools such as music, fashion, lifestyle and culture segments. Melanin Wonder is targeted at men and women aged from 18 to 48.

In addition, Melanin Wonder offers a stage for new talent and underrated talent. We give them a chance to showcase their abilities through our interviews, blogs and video-items.

To move, inspire, educate, entertain and motivate!

Primarily, Melanin Wonder likes to give of a vibe of moving, entertaining, inspiring, educating and to motivating content for followers and visitors. We strive to be an advocate for the Melanin community all over the world including all colored people of all races and we wish to promote ourselves and all people of color in a glorious and positive way. This all shall be done with different kinds of online creative items with the different before mentioned topics.

But what is Melanin? 

Melanin is a substance and a word mostly used for describing a person with a darker skin tone ,which is very accurate and understandable. Buuut… People with a lighter skin tone usually also have this melanin substance in their skin to make them have a little color and pigment. This is how different amounts and different kinds of Melanin can create different skin hues.  Indians, Moroccans, Indonesians, South Americans and many more from similar areas have melanin as well, therefore we want to unite and celebrate our melanin community including everyone!

The founders

Melanin Wonder was founded by Stephanie Omogun & Janet Dara on the second of May, 2017. The online platform was born out of a vision about positively enhancing the way that Melanin people are being perceived and promoted true the (social) media.  

The headquarters of Melanin Wonder is located in Haarlem , The Netherlands

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